Commercial Photography - Is It Time To Make Your Business Eye Catching?

December 15, 2019

PR and Fashion PhotographyPR and Fashion Photography

Will 2020 Be The Year You Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd?

Although we are still in December like lots of business owners my thoughts have already turned to the New Year. I’m always excited by the start of a New Year and the beginning of a new decade feels like a very special time. December is the time that I put my business under the spotlight and plan a really good “spring clean” ready for the year ahead.

commercial photography wiltshire berkshire and hampshirecommercial photography wiltshire berkshire and hampshireCommercial Shoot Pinewood Lodge, Poole, Dorset, taken on Monday 4th July 2016. Booked by South Coast Coastal,, the images of several bedrooms, breakfast spaces, en suites, the pool, garden area, entrance, reception, and dining room, as well as the two push bikes, for a new website and for point of sale, printed materials and promotion on Pinewood Lodge

I look at every area of my business with a critical eye, my branding, my website, my business cards etc. and I decide which areas are ready to be refreshed and updated. Next I ask myself whether I have the skillset to do that update myself and whether it’s a good way to use my time. If I find myself saying no to either of these questions it’s time to outsource that work to an expert and spend my time in a way that has more benefit to the business. I would highly recommended that every business has a spring clean, it really helps you start off the year feeling like you are heading in the right direction. Even if you aren’t able spring clean everything you’d like to you can get a plan in place for the rest of year!

It’s an exciting time to be a business owner. The internet and social media help to create more and more opportunities, we really are in an age where anyone can start and run a business of their own. And every year more people decide that having their own business is a path they want to pursue.

business portrait photographerbusiness portrait photographerGullicks Florist Staff Photos. Heather, Kieun, Naomi, Vicky and Alison. Each choosing their favourite flower and having their photo taken with it. Each flower means something individual to the girls. Additional images include a group photo, photo of the five flowers, images fo the flowers currently on show in the shop. 109 Fisherton St, Salisbury SP2 7SS Taken on Monday 27th June 2016 - Hydrangea, Gerberas, Iris, Rose, Didiscus, Lisianthus, Lily

But with that wonderful world of possibility comes a downside. If anyone can start a business, and so many people are doing, how on earth can you stand out from the crowd?

The answer is simple. By using quality images that showcase your business, match your brand and tell your story.

Attention spans are dwindling, we make almost instant decisions whether we find online content appealing enough to carry on reading or whether to move straight onto the next thing that is clamouring for our attention. Whether we are aware of it or not our attention is drawn to pictures ahead of text. If the picture grabs a reader’s attention they are more likely to carry on and read the rest of the post, click on the link or visit other pages on a website. If the picture is a poor quality, uninspiring snap it’s highly likely that you will lose the reader within the first 2 or 3 seconds.

Alongside the shortening of attention spans we’ve had an explosion in mobile technology that has put a great camera in everyone’s pocket. And there’s a great temptation to use it, to take a quick selfie to use on your about page, to snap your latest product for your online shop. After all that’s what everyone else seems to be doing these days, isn’t it? Since many small and medium businesses are relying on quick phone snaps it’s really easy to make your business stand out by choosing to use high quality, bespoke imagery.

business headshot portraits salisbury and wiltshirebusiness headshot portraits salisbury and wiltshireProfessional commercial portrait of Lisa Witcher, Orchard Cottage, Teffont, Wiltshire, SP3 5QP taken on Friday 11th November 2016.

This is where I come in, I can help you with your own business spring cleaning. By taking time to get to know you and understand your business I can create a portfolio of high quality, bespoke images that reflect your brand values and your business personality. Whether you need business portraits, product images, storytelling images or a combination of all these I can work with you to ensure that your images make you stand out from the crowd on your website and social media.

commercial photographer Salisburycommercial photographer SalisburyLove 2 B Product Shoot Sept 1st 2016. Images of the final products for the website and promotional material for Chilly B Ltd Love 2 B range of skin care products. Includes natural hand made soaps, cleaners, toner, moisteriser, serum, shampoo, conditioner, bath bombs, bath melts, gift boxes, lip balms and body oil. The shoot took places at the business address Bournemouth, Dorset. The images were taken by Barbara Leatham, a professional commercail photographer based in Wiltshire. Barbara also covers Hampshire, Berkshire, Bath and Bristol, Somerset and Dorset as well as London and other counties in the UK. commercial photography salisbury wiltshirecommercial photography salisbury wiltshireCommercial shoot at The Swan Enford, taken on Thursday 7th April 2016. Images are to be used for website, social media and POS marketing. Images include staff group shots, Emma and Pete, with and without the dogs. Food photography including Fish and chips, pop up pie, salmon goujons, omlet, puddings, crumble, cheese cake, white chocolate cake, fruit, cheese board

Because I’m so passionate about the idea of business spring cleaning and because I’d love to help you make your business stand out I’m offering 50% extra images with any of my commercial photography packages booked during January or February.

If you are ready to make your business stand out as we start a new decade please call me on 07548 219047 or send a message via the Contact Page. I only have a limited number of commercial photoshoots available on this offer so please reserve yours as soon as possible.


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