Keeping Your Business Relevant

January 13, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Keeping Your Business Relevant - Advice From A Wiltshire Photographer

Can you believe that we are almost halfway through January already? It seems like only last week that we were in a panic over Christmas. Have we forgotten anyone’s present? If we shop tomorrow would the sprouts still be fresh on Christmas day? If we leave it any longer will we still get that brand of mince pie we love? You know how it is, endless questions going through our minds as we analyse the smallest of details and then all of a sudden it’s mid-January and all forgotten.

Unfortunately we often treat our businesses in the same way as Christmas. As we prepare to launch a new business, a rebrand or a new product or service we plan and pay attention to every tiny detail making sure that nothing gets overlooked. But then time flies by faster than we realise and before we know it all that careful planning is long behind us and maybe things have evolved and changed within the business.

When did you last take the time to sit down and cast a really critical eye over the public persona of your business?

If you can’t remember, now might be a good time to grab yourself a cup of tea and really analyse the outward appearance of your business. Over time our businesses evolve, product ranges change, our personal style develops or maybe we even set off in a different direction. Outside influences come into play too, styles change and something that was once unique and on trend might now be very commonplace and maybe even a little clichéd.

Try to view your business as a potential customer and evaluate every aspect. Is your tone of voice consistent throughout your website and social media? Is your logo still unique and relevant? Sometimes a style of logo can suddenly become really popular and you might find that your logo which was once distinctive and eye catching no longer stands out.

Cast an extra critical eye over the images you are using. People often form a lasting first impression based on images alone and you don’t want that first impression to be the wrong one. If your business has evolved do your images still give the correct brand message? Are you using any images of discontinued product lines? If you are a creative business have your images kept up with changes in your style?

And finally, take a look around and see what styles of images other businesses are using, trends change and you don’t want to be left behind using photos that make your business look outdated. Business portraits are a perfect example, they no longer need to be a very formal headshot on a white background (unless of course that’s in keeping with your brand). They can be fun and quirky, relaxed and friendly or they could even be documentary in style. Customers increasingly want to feel like they know the person behind the brand so pay careful attention to this area of your photography. (If you are confused about what style of business portraits are appropriate for your business this blog post may help.)

Why am I sharing all this with you? Well even though I’m a photographer I’ve also been guilty of using outdated images on my website. One new year I was shocked when I realised they were a few years old and no longer reflected the direction of my business. So now I have a reminder in my calendar to review my images every January.

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