Photography Training For Beginners and Improvers

Bespoke training sessions for photography lovers are available in Wiltshire and surrounding areas and take place in a location chosen to suit your training requirements.

  • The sessions are tailored exactly to your own needs, if you have just bought your first DSLR or mirrorless camera a session will help get you out of auto mode saving lots of time and frustration, or maybe you have moved out of auto but are still disappointed with your images. Perhaps you want to improve your landscapes, take better pictures or your children, or photograph moving subjects without your images becoming a blurry mess.
  • Ahead of your training session we will have a telephone consultation to allow me to identify your specific needs and structure the session accordingly.
  • The sessions are fun and informative and include lots of hands on shooting time as well as tea or coffee breaks to discuss and review your progress. They last for four hours, are available as single sessions or a block booking, and you can expect to finish feeling inspired and more confident in your abilities. 

One-to-one training sessions cost £140 inclusive of tea/coffee. One to two training days are also available.

Please note - personal photography training does not include any aspect of business training.

For further information, or to discuss your training requirements, please use the Contact Page to get in touch.