Teaching Photography for BusinessTeaching Photography for Businesses to improve their social media photography

"It was so useful to have the training split into two sessions as I could go away and absorb the technical info and practice using the settings and getting comfortable with the camera before we got on to the ‘fun’ arty stuff in the second session. Fitting 30 years of experience into such a short space of time was always going to be a challenge but Barbara imparted so much advice, I was sad when it was over!"

Hayley Dixon JMW Carpentry and Builders

Photography Training For Business Owners

Commercial photography training sessions are available in Wiltshire and surrounding areas.

Drawing on my extensive experience I help businesses to improve their photography skills using their own equipment and spaces to enable them to create consistently stronger images for their social media.

  • Sessions are bespoke and suitable for any business that needs an online presence selling products or services.
  • We will work with the equipment you already have whether that’s a camera or a phone.
  • I will help you identify the best places to shoot in your workspace or surroundings and you will learn to identify and use the light within your space.
  • You will learn the best settings to use in various situations.
  • We will look at branding and composition and how to create a consistent style in your images.
  • Full and half day sessions are available.


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