Why Do I Need a Professional Photo For Business Use?

June 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

As a business owner I meet lots of new people, either as clients or through various networking events and meetings, and I find that people often ask me why they should have a photo taken for their business. In the early days of my business this question used to make me feel a little uncomfortable, I felt as if I was being asked to justify the value of my business, but over the years I've come to realise that most people ask the question because they don't feel comfortable in front of the camera and would prefer to hide behind a logo or an image of their product, service or premises.

So why is it important to have your photo taken for your business? Quite simply, people buy from people, as consumers we are naturally drawn to do business with people that we like and feel connected with. As a business owner your portrait on your website and social media is the first step in building trust and a connection, it sets you apart from other businesses and it can help break down any barriers to potential customers making contact. People feel more comfortable sending that first email or making an initial phone call when they have an idea of who they are making contact with.

Why do I need a professional headshotWhy do I need a professional headshot

For larger businesses with more staff having team headshots helps personalise the business and avoid it appearing like a faceless corporation. It's more difficult for a potential client to feel that they know and trust a larger company but a 'meet the team' page with headshots that reflect the brand values can act as that first step to building trust.

Once I've explained how photographs can act as ice breakers some people will ask whether it's ok to use a phone snap, perhaps from a family gathering or a night out, and my answer is always a resounding no! Investing in a professional headshot not only shows that you take your business seriously, it will also reflect your brand values so that you attract the right sorts of customers and will help you stand out from your competitors.

If it's time to update your business portraits please head over to the About page to find out more about me and the services I offer. If you are one of the many people who don't feel confident in front of the camera please feel free to get in touch, we can arrange to have a chat and discuss your concerns and how I can make you feel at ease on your photo shoot.



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