Visual Style: Consistency Between Photoshoots

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This blog post is the third and final in a mini series on the theme of visual style, you can find the other posts here and here.

In the previous post I explained how I help my photography clients to identify their visual style. Typically my clients will have a specific reason that prompts them to book a photoshoot, it might be the launch of a new product range, a full rebrand, a flurry of upcoming PR opportunities, or perhaps it’s simply time to refresh their image library. Whatever the reason it’s also highly likely that between times my clients will also need images for their social media. It’s always good to be able to share some behind the scenes photos and updates on current work but of course it’s not practical to engage a professional photographer on a daily basis.

Caroline PeytonCaroline PeytonCaroline is a Professional Nutritionist, Naturopath based in Wiltshire.

So how can you maintain a visual style between professional photoshoots?

My own photoshoots are very collaborative which helps my clients to understand their visual style, if you didn’t have the same sort of experience here are a few tips to help you keep your photography on brand;

  • Study your existing images, can you spot any similarities? Your images might be busy and conveying energy or they may be simple with lots of empty space. Are there any colours consistently used? Are they shot from a similar angle? Try to include any recurring theme in your own images.
  • Incorporate your brand colours into your photos wherever possible. You can do this in lots of ways including the use of props for styling.
  • If you have promotional items displaying your logo such as mugs, notebooks, pens etc, consider using these in your photos. They don’t need to dominate the image, a casually placed mug of coffee in the background can be effective.
  • Consider investing in some photography training for your staff. Photography training won’t replace the need for high quality images from a professional photographer but it will help to ensure that the images your business shares on your social media channels remain consistently on brand and of an acceptable standard.

Secret Garden LockdownSecret Garden LockdownSecret Garden Lockdown shoot taken by Barbara Leatham Photography on May 26th 2020. Images of Victoria Burbidge creating wax melts. SHowing her working safely in Lockdown. Showing a photo shoot taken safely in lockdown.

I currently provide training sessions for a variety of business types that are available as a full or half day. I teach nominated staff members to get the best out of their existing equipment whether that’s a camera or the phones in their pockets. Training is personalised to the requirements of the business and aims to help people make the most out of their current space. I help to identify the best light within their workspace, understand the basic camera settings and develop a set of guidelines to ensure consistency. Consistency is especially important when several staff members are taking photos. I offer training for teams who are mostly working out on location and using their phones to document their daily work. Through my sessions they will learn to identify the best light, control the exposure and focus, and develop a consistent approach to composition and framing.

For more information regarding photography training for businesses please click here, or if you would like to discuss your training requirements please use the Contact Page to get in touch.



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