I have been researching products that sit with the ethos of my values and business for over 10 years. There are always new and exciting products being released every year, it is good to be able to offer a select few to my customers.

Folio Albums



Folio offer a selection of stunning hand made albums. Based in the UK this company is 100% British.  With such exceptional quality I had to make it the album of choice for my Portrait shoots.



Each album is presented in a gorgeous cotton linen bag which is kept safe in a beautiful (recycled) box.
Clients can choose from a stunning selection of finishes and colours including cotton, canvas, leather or silk.

A 8x8 inch album (£495) is an ideal way to present the story of your shoot. I also offer 10" x 10" and 12" x 12" if you are looking for something a little bigger.

My thanks to folio albums for the kind use of their imagery. 


Signature Frames

The frames I've selected for my clients have been chosen to best present a their images. Stunning quality, each frame is simply beautiful. They can be ordered for a statement image or for a selection of images in a multi frame.

The following images are from one of my signature frames. Large solid light oak frames with a matching oak inlay trim on the mount. 

Complimentary matching frames without the trim but with a selection of other mount options are also available.


Signature frameSolid oak with an oak inlay trim mount. Image is 20" by 20" The frame roughly 30" by 30" This frame is very heavy, hand made and just beautiful. Image by Barbara Leatham photography, my thanks to the Cambridge family for letting me share their frame


This frame has a 20" by 20" print and is priced at £465.00 Other sizes are available, including custom sizes.


Signature framesDesk frames are solid oak with an oak inlay trim mount. Images are 7" by 5" Triptych frame with three 7" by 5" images The frames are just beautiful. Images by Barbara Leatham photography, my thanks to the Cambridge family for letting me share their frame


The desk frames come with either 7" by 5" prints or 10" by 8" 

The triptych frame and other multi frames are available, please just contact me for more details


Signature framesDetailed shots of the oak signature frames. close up of the oak inlay trim as well as the triptych mount. All images by Barbara Leatham Photography. My thanks to the Cambridge family for letting me photograph their frames

These frames are made in the UK by a professional framing company. Whenever possible I always use UK based companies, it's important to support our local economy. The quality of these are second to none, and I have a sample of the 20x20 that I am always happy to take and show people as viewing them allows you to appreciate just how gorgeous they are.


Wall Art

Whether you are looking for Canvas, Box-frames or Acrylics, both options offer a stunning contemporary way to showcase your images.