Photography Training and Workshops


Bespoke Photography Training

Photography training sessions are available for individuals, sole traders and small businesses. The content of these highly informative sessions is tailored specifically to your own needs to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your training.

For Business

We live in an ever more visual world with companies of all sizes using social media and sharing images to tell their story and engage with their audience. Investing in photography training for your business does not replace the need to engage a professional photographer to create high quality imagery. It does however equip a member of your team with the necessary camera handling skills to help them create day to day images that are on brand and of a reasonable standard. 

What does the training cover?
Working with either the business owner or a nominated team member I’ll help you get the most from your equipment and work space. Whether you are shooting with a phone, a compact camera or a DSLR I’ll teach you the best settings to use in different situations. We’ll explore the available light in the various areas of your workspace and identify the best locations to shoot in at different times of the day. We will also look at your branding and product and discuss simple ways to style your images to make them more visually appealing. 

Your training session will provide all the information to help you create stronger images for your social media channels.

Who is the training suitable for?
Training is suitable for a wide variety of businesses but clients often fall into one of the following categories:

A sole trader, either just starting out or relatively new to business - you probably don’t feel ready to invest in professional photography just yet but recognise that you need to improve your skills so that you can have a stronger visual presence while you build your business.

A more established business with a small team of people – you are probably already investing in a professional photographer for your headshots, marketing materials etc. but recognise a need for stronger images to act as an infill for your social media between professional shoots.

Full and half day sessions are available starting from £250.

For Pleasure

Personal photography training days are tailored exactly to your own requirements, perhaps you have a great camera but only use Auto mode, or maybe you’ve moved out of Auto but still feel disappointed with your pictures. You might want to improve your landscape photography skills, learn how to take better family photos, or maybe you are frustrated by blurry images when you try to photograph your dog. 

Ahead of your training day we will have a telephone consultation to allow me to assess your needs and ensure that your day is structured so that you will gain maximum benefit from our time together. I’ll conduct any necessary research beforehand and prepare printouts if appropriate.

On your training day you can expect a relaxed and enjoyable day packed with information. There will be tea/coffee and lunch breaks for photography discussion and lots of time to put everything into practice. You can expect to finish the day feeling inspired and more confident in your abilities. 

Please note, personal photography training days do not include any aspects of business training. 

One-to-one training days cost £140 inclusive of tea/coffee and lunch. One to two training days are also available.

For further information, or to discuss your training requirements, please use the Contact Page to get in touch.