Barbara Leatham Photography
Testimonial from Karen Thrush - Kinesiologist

I can highly recommend Barbara. I am not a lover of having g my photo taken and Barbara helped me to relax and the picture were great. I have had several people comment on how good the photos look. Thank you Barbara.
Barbara Leatham Photography
Linked In testimonial from Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Business and Mindset Coach

Barbara is a great photographer. I have worked with her twice and loved the results. I love her creativity and the ability to make you feel comfortable and yourself at the shoot. I am always recommending to my business coaching clients for their branding shoots and looking forward to my next one this year. Highly recommended!
Barbara Leatham Photography
Google testimonial from Diane Bannister March 6th

I had a recent photoshoot with Barbara. This is my idea of hell but we needed some shots for business. Barbara was superb, she distracted me, the whole thing was really enjoyable ( which I never thought possible ) and the photos are great. I'm really pleased with them. I can't recommend her enough
Testimonial from Gareth Lock via Linked In(non-registered)
Testimonial from Gareth Lock via Linked In

I was introduced to Barabra by a mutual colleague as I was looking for a more upbeat and modern set of PR images.

I could not have been more pleased with what we achieved on the day covering multiple environments (professional office, personal lifestyle, professional diving/environmental) throughout the day. As an ex-professional photographer, I don't like being on the other end of the lens and always feel awkward with the posed shots that I get asked to do. Nothing like that here and we had great fun in the process too.

Barbara has a great approach to life and people in general, putting subjects at ease quickly and building a rapport that allows the real character to come out. Thanks for an excellent day out and so glad _you_ had fun too!

I'd highly recommend Barbara for a professional shoot.
Wendy Gannaway Linked In Testimonial(non-registered)
Testimonial from Wendy Gannaway from Linked In

I have never had a professional photo shoot for my business before or indeed ever. My first time was with Barbara in July 2021 when my businesspartner and I travelled down to Swindon. Even before we met in person, Barbara took time to understand our business and I mean REALLY understand it. She clearly studied our business & as a result she 'got us' in a way that few do who don't work in our industry. As a result she was able to suggest some cool ideas to capture great shots that would work well for us in different commercial settings. Furthermore she made the whole experience fun which made for a super day worth every penny and more. The finished results exceeded my expectations capturing our personalities in a way I never thought a camera could. I recommend Barbara Leatham highly if you are looking for commercial professional photographs that help make you and your business really stand out.
Barbara Leatham Photography
Google Review from Chris Haynes Feb 7th 2023

Barbara has been a fantastic resource to help me learn about how you can make a camera work for you. Her knowledge and experience about photography is second to none. The session my wife and I had with Barbara was fantastic, would highly recommend :)
Barbara Leatham Photography
Google review from Hayley Dixon December 2022

I had the absolute pleasure of having two three hour sessions with Barbara over the course of two weeks through work. Barbara was welcoming and engaging from the word go and within an hour it felt like I’d known her for ages and she put me completely at ease - not an easy feat!

She was immensely knowledgeable but very humble about the fact and she didn’t use loads of jargon which can be very off putting! She explained things very well often using analogies and amusing alternative acronyms - I’ll forever think ‘Is The Sun Out’ whenever I fiddle with the ISO settings!

I went in with very little knowledge but came out feeling confident that I could put my training to good use straight away and am now constantly on the look out for opportunities to take photos!

It was so useful to have the training split into two sessions as I could go away and absorb the technical info and practice using the settings and getting comfortable with the camera before we got on to the ‘fun’ arty stuff in the second session. Fitting 30 years of experience into such a short space of time was always going to be a challenge but Barbara imparted so much advice, I was sad when it was over! My training was only going to be for work purposes to get before and after shots of our projects but I’ve asked for a photography book for Christmas so I can start taking photos as a hobby too!

If I could give more than five stars I would, thank you so much Barbara!
Vix Mackay
Simply the best experience during the shoot & then with fantastic after care to help us decide which of the numerous stunning images we would keep. We had such fun as Babs made us all feel so at ease, her pictures are gorgeous and have totally captured our family and particularly our beloved dog who is getting very old. We now have our forever images of him that show his character and personality alongside beautiful family photos too. Can not recommend Babs enough - brilliant, professional and worth every penny.
Dennie smith(non-registered)
I was recommended Barbara, and happy I was.,not only very professional ,so friendly made me feel completely at ease. I don’t like my photo taken but necessary for my business.. so excited to see the results and wasn’t disappointed Very hard to chose which ones to keep as so many good ones.. thank you Barbara
Clare Keen(non-registered)
An instructive day of learning with Barbara who is friendly, informative and easy to be with! Hopefully I shall now be able to use my camera with more confidence. Thank you!
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