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Lavender And Cream Teas

August 16, 2014  •  15 Comments

New Forest Lavender Tea Room


Lavender Tea Rooms New Forest HampsireThe lavender plants at the Lavender Tea Rooms in Hampshires New Forest Including their dedicated garden to the anniversary to the 1st world war


It's all about the Lavender

I was dashing to a meeting one day and saw the sign for the Lavender Tea Rooms, which is actually the New Forest Lavender, so once I got home I contacted Selena, my co-cream tea friend, and we fixed a date to go and sample their Lavender Cream Tea.

As you might imagine, there's quite a collection of cakes, pastries and other goodies to choose from, some of which are sprinkled with lavender from the very grounds we were seated in. I was really tempted by the lemon curd cake, and also the lavender shortcake.

We opted for the Lavender Scone and a Plain Scone. Sadly there wasn't a fruit one, our usual preferred choice, but what was served was lovely.


Lavender cream teaThe lavender scone, heart shaped, at the Lavender tea rooms - cream teas


The plates arrived, the scones themselves,  although only one on each plate, were generous, and heart shaped!! And there was a good amount of jam, although we both would have liked a little more cream; They were lightly dusted in icing sugar and decorated with some sprigs of lavender, which we took home as souvenirs.  


Lavender tea room in New Forest in HampshirePurple tea pot, a purple table, lavender scones and lavender sprigs at the Lavender tea rooms in Hampshires New Forest


We had the Breakfast Tea, which was good; and considering it was so early we didn't quibble over the lack of a pot of hot water to top it up (although I'm sure if we had asked we'd have got one). And of course, I was personally delighted that the teapot was purple!

The scones themselves were light, and very tasty. The lavender one is an experience. Although not my favourite flavour in the world, I wouldn't not eat it if someone bought me another, but would probably opt for the plain on in the future if I was buying for myself. I think Selena felt the same. However I would totally recommend trying them. If you love lavender then you will love the scone. We can't mark it down because of personal taste, the quality of the scone was excellent, just not our most favourite of flavours.

We got to the venue just after it opened and it was packed! If you got for a visit - which we both totally recommend that you do - don't dally, it gets pretty busy.

As you can tell from the images, it was an incredibly hot sunny day. Sitting outside, watching the birds, smelling the scents of the flowers (not just lavender) it was a wonderful place to just be.



I mentioned the birds, there were lots! Including finches and wagtails, some others I wasn't sure about. We shared our cream tea with the very cheeky little robin that was keeping an eye out for any crumbs... This one was lucky enough to get quite a big crumb!

So, marks out of ten, we gave a lovely 8/10 and really loved our visit.  If you are in the New Forest, don't pass them by, it's a beautiful place and well worth a look, as well as trying their Lavender scone, or cake if you prefer.


Have you been inspired by the lavender flavour?

Lavender is used for so much, the Lavender Tea Rooms really bought it home to us about it's use in food. SO we started to wonder what other flavours people might add to their scones. Personally I love a good Christmas flavoured scone, with cinnamon, nutmeg, orange vest and served up with raspberry jam and champagne clotted cream.  Selena says she's after a really good/naughty Chocolate one!

We'd love to hear your ideas, please share in the comments below, and please share this with other Cream Tea lovers


New Forest Lavender Lavender cream teaThe cream tea at New Forest Lavender tea rooms Sprig of lavender and a purple teapot


Hand Picked Hotels are running a competition to win an Afternoon Tea for Two at any one of their hotels, which are gorgeous, why not enter and if you win, tell me all about it


If you would like to visit the Lavender Tea Rooms their contact details are

New Forest Lavender/Lavender Tea Rooms
Giles Lane

email -

Tel 01794 323314


New Forest Lavender New Forest Lavender, lavender tea rooms in the New Forest, lavender plants, dried lavender and a pathway of lavender



I love the Lavender tea rooms, and I must say I loved the Lavender scones too. Really love your images.
I blogged about this
Barbara Leatham Photography
Choclette, that's wonderful thank you. I'll make sure that Selena gets the link as you've ticked her wish list! And if you ever want to meet up at the Lavender Tea Rooms let me know, I never need much of a reason to head back there for a visit, in fact I'm going there this Thursday to meet with another business owner, mixing business with pleasure is the way to go I think
Sounds lovely. I've never had lavender in a scone, but would have to try it if visiting this tea room - the lavender theme is great. I've made various scones with chocolate - white chocolate, chocolate chip, cocoa and my latest rich chocolate scones - here's the recipe if you're interested -
Barbara Leatham Photography
Lilian, you will love it, and they sell beautiful plants and gorgeous lavender products too.
Barbara Leatham Photography
Janet, when you come down we'll go for a visit! Need to set a date in the diary
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