2013 What a journey!

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2013 Has Been Quite A Year


my family by Siobhan Murphy

Photograph, by Siobhan Murphy


I wanted to put together some of the highs and lows that have happened in 2013 for the business and myself. Looking back at the highlights I see that many of them came from when times were difficult.

In the middle of 2012 I phoned up a lovely lady called Catherine Conner and spelled out to her that if I couldn't get to grips with my business I would have to hang up my camera and find a job. I was heart broken and wondering what on earth I was going to do.

After a good chat, a few giggles and a long hard look at my situation Catherine suggested I pop along to the Bespoke Insight Day at Aspire Photography Training. The course is 12 months long, and it's hard work. They give you the tools for the job, but the bottom line is that you are the one who has to put in the time and work to make things happen.

Deciding to go on the course wasn't easy, I was already at breaking point and even now I've no idea how on earth I managed to do it all, but I have and it was the best thing ever that I could have done for myself and my business.

During the year I learned a few home truths, including the fact that it's not a bad thing to be a good photographer, but that you have to love the business or it won't love you back - and they are so right! I'm more aware of my strengths, and my weaknesses are just obstacles that I need to overcome to be successful.

I need to give a massively HUGE thank you to Jane Breakell (business guru at Aspire), for being my sounding board, my voice of reason and a wonderful friend when things got tough. I also need to thank the other 13 delegates of Group 38, with special mention to Michelle and Janet, for being so wonderful, supportive and helpful too. Much of what I've learned over the 12 months came from their support as well as that of the Aspire team - you guys rock!

The biggest difficulty with getting my business established was the fact we kept getting posted to different parts of the country. In two years we moved from Suffolk to Berkshire and finally we moved and settled in WIltshire. Every time I got settled and started to get the business known locally we had to move. The cost of getting re-established every time was draining the business. But even buying a house didn't make things completely trouble free. Less than a year after buying our home, and the week after I'd paid my first instalment on my course, my husband found out he was going to be doing a four month deployment in Afghanistan - seriously bad timing for me, right at the start of the summer holidays, with two children wanting to be entertained and a business to run AND towards what was going to be the end of my course. However, thanks to the gratefully received support and help from our families we all managed to get through it.

People close to me that I need to thank

I want to take this time to give a special mention of thanks to my sister-In-law, Catherine Leatham.  One of the hardest things about being a creative and trying to start/run your own business is that many people close to you see it more like a hobby than a career choice. Getting them to understand that your "hobby" can actually pay the bills and isn't just a passing phase is something most of us have to deal with.

Always an avid supporter of my work, Cathy understands what it means for me to do the job I love. She's constantly putting my name forward for commissions and anything that is remotely linked to photography. And this year I had the chance to repay her support by doing some work for Maxx Design Ltd. The company that she, Dermot and Jackie have invested many years in to create. Last year I worked on some amazing projects with them; it's reminded me that Commercial Photography is something I really love doing and that it is a way for me to explore my skills, not only as a people photographer, but as someone who works well under pressure in unusual circumstances. 
My thanks to Dermot as well, for the insightful chats during the drive to and from London on commercial jobs, I'm more sure about many areas of photography, and more philosophical about life too.

Along with the support of Cathy, I really have to thank my awesome husband David, who has always told me to "go for it".
Even when it was likely to plunge us into debt; he always has more faith in me than I do myself. When things are hard he's there for me, (and he does all the ironing AND my book keeping too, he's a saint!)
He sees all the late nights/early mornings I put in when I'm trying to finish a job for someone, the worrying, huffing and puffing as well as the funny faces I pull when things aren't quite the way I want them to - and he doesn't mock me - too much. He thinks I'm somewhere between a perfectionist and a suffer of OCD… He may have a small point.

Although he still doesn't "get" photography the way I do, he does see how I light up when I've done a job that I love more than any other (always the last job I've done I'm sure) and he sees the child-like excitement that exudes from me when someone is happy with the images I have captured for them. He's my rock and saving grace; along with my children (who give the best mummy hugs in the world) he keeps me grounded and mostly sound of mind too.

Thanks also to my friends Nikki, Sally, Nedine, Rachel and Tania for letting me rant at them when things get tough and helping me find my sense of humour when I think it's run off with my mojo - lots of tea drinking, cake eating and long phone calls!

To all my wonderful clients, many whom have become friends, Thank You. For trusting and investing in my work, allowing me to be part of your lives for a small amount of time and to have the opportunity to create beautiful images for you.

I know there are many more people I should be thanking for this last year, although I've not listed you all here I am grateful for your support. Thank you guys!

Things that stick in your mind...

Two of the jobs that really stuck out for me last year are both family shoots. Firstly, the Williams/White family shoot; the family wanted to capture some magical times before Claire got more ill and wasn't able to join in. In the last 12 months since she was diagnosed her symptoms have escalated to the point where moving about or just talking is a lot of hard work for her. Seeing her share a magical day with her family was priceless. Since the shoot she's had her favourite images framed and are now sitting proudly on her wall to help her have a reason to smile every day. She reminds me to count my blessings every day.

The second shoot was the Cole family. Melissa spoke to me over a year before to arrange the shoot and between one thing and another it never happened. We finally did the shoot a couple of months ago, it was supposed to be of her two children, but I squeezed her in a few of the shots too and she loves them. These are so precious to her because not too long ago she lost her own mum. It's a constant reminder to me that there will be a day when I won't be here for my children and all they will have left are the memories and the photographs. 

William, Ella and mumAutumn portraits of Ella, William and Mum taken in Chittern park, Salisbury, Wiltshire, on November 5th 2013


Bring on 2014

So, 2014, what is in store. I've absolutely no idea to be honest. I've got plans to do more commercial work while I build up the portrait side of the business. I'm also working on a personal project that I hope will be good enough for an exhibition. I have two weddings in April, one of which is in America (making me excited and scared in equal measure) and then I think I'll be focusing on finding new subjects to create photographic stories about so I can keep blogging. 

I've also registered with a charity group called Butterfly Wishes Network. An amazing group of professional photographers who give their time to photograph families whose children have potentially life shortening illnesses. I'm hoping that I'll be doing my bit this year for some families who I know will cherish the images I'll create for them.

I'd love to teach in a school as a visiting lecturer and go on to inspire a whole new generation of photographers the way my tutor (thanks Carl Hopley) inspired me. Otherwise I'll be hoping to make my mark in the Wiltshire area, making new contacts and networking with like minded businesses, but most of all, making the most emotive, heart warming and inspiring images I can. 

I hope you'll all keep with me for the forth coming adventure. I'm so excited and feeling truly positive about everything - it's going to be a hell of a journey!


The Artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work - Emile Zola




Alexandra Davies(non-registered)
Barbara your images are timeless and beautiful yet capture so much personality of the subjects. Here's to a great 2014 for you!
Wonderful blog post Babs, great to look back and appraise every year, it helps to exorcise the demons of the negative aspects and celebrate the positives and you have a lot to be positive about, great talent, lovely new (and permanent) home, beautiful family - it was great to meet them last year - and an exciting new year on the horizon. It was a pleasure to be part of your year and looking forward to the next.
Wow Mrs so now I can recommend you as a blog writer too! What an excellent article and thank you for the comments about MAXX. It is so good to have access to such a superb, passionate and totally professional photographer - you have a true gift Babs and your ability to capture people and their " inner smile" is truly exceptional. We would be using you irrespective of our family connection - we would be mad not to! You WILL succeed - there is no doubt. I have met few people as driven, as totally passionate as you are about your profession and so totally in touch with what makes people tick. Go on and fulfill your dream. You asked the question the other day "what would you do today if you knew you could not fail?" You are doing it - just keep believing! Xx
Carl Hopley(non-registered)
I loved reading this. You are an inspiration. I'll always remember you as a student who always took on the challenges with zest and vigour,
And with a real positive up beat spirit. When you decided to change your life and go into the forces, you just did it and went for it.

It's been fabulous seeing how you've got on over the years and the way you have dealt with and continue to deal with the tough challenges of a freelance. You gritty determination and hard working ethic will always be one of your many strengths. Good luck in 2014. Oh and a big thank you for the inclusion of your amazing journey, I'm touched.

I've read every word of this post wonderful Barbara, and then I read Michelle's comment about your laugh and there you were popping into my head laughing and I've just laughed with you ! I'm proud to call you a friend and to have met you through that incredible journey of Bespoke 38, I appreciate your support and you never cease to inspire me. This year is going to be our year Barbara, get out there and make Wiltshire wonder what's hit it !! xxx
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