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wiltshire through my eyes

August 26, 2013  •  7 Comments

Inspired by Wiltshire

Business for me is usually commercial photography, family portraits and exclusive weddings, but there are days when I need to recharge my creative juices and just go out for fun and take photos.

You may have noticed that it's been quite a while since I last blogged, and I've taken the time to reflect on what I wanted to write about next. Some of my blogs have been about other people and their businesses, and other blogs have included stories of shoots that I've done such as weddings or engagement shoots. But this time I thought I'd share some of the imagery I take when I'm allowed to go off and explore, or, as is often the case, the images I take when I'm out with my family and friends.

As a family we moved to Wiltshire in April 2012, finally buying a home and setting down roots was paramount to us as we had been posted all over the UK and hadn't really found somewhere we could call home. Moving into Tilshead village and exploring Wiltshire has been an exciting adventure so far, and one that I hope will be a long lasting relationship of constant surprises.

I think that I'm proof that photographers who live and breathe their art don't so much have a day off, and when we do take time off work we chill by taking photos that we love for ourselves and not just stuff we get paid for (which is nice too!)

So below are a collection of images I've taken in Wiltshire over the last year. I do have some winter ones but I'm not going to post them here as you can find them on my previous post of Tilshead in the Snow

And please, leave a comment below, let me know which ones you love and why, and did any of them inspire you to go out and take your own images x


Skies over Salisbury by Wiltshire photographer Barbara Leatham

I was traveling home from a family shoot and I looked over to see an amazing sky covering Salisbury, so powerful, the kind of skies that make the colours in the world just explode with intensity.

Rainbow in WIltshire by Salisbury photographer Barbara Leatham

I'm lucky enough that I overlook fields front and back, so I get opportunities to see scenes like this one. The important thing is not to miss the shot when you see it!

Storm clouds at sunset near Orcheston and Tilshead by WIltshire photographer Barbara Leatham

Driving home from a shoot in Salisbury, just coming through Orcheston, near Shrewton, it was the end of the day, the sun was setting, but these beautiful, dramatic skies greeted me on the crest of the hill. I can still smell the threat of thunder in the air, it was fantastic.

A collection of skies over Wiltshire by Wiltshire wedding photographer Barbara Leatham

A collection of skies from the last year, all taken in Wiltshire. How do you choose your favourite when they are all so powerful yet different.

Cloud breaking sunset by Wiltshire photographer Barbara Leatham, taken in Tilshead

My inspiration for this post came from last nights sunset (taken August 15th 2013) I noticed there was a strong circle of orange shining through my drawn curtains, I dashed outside to see the sun seemingly burning a hole in the clouds, the rays of light were so defined, it was breath taking, and the photo doesn't truly do it justice.

Light after dark, storm skies in Wiltshire by wedding photographer Barbara Leatham

Just before the storms hit the village, these dark clouds seemed to fight with the sun for a while before defeating it.

The road between Tilshead and West Lavington, Wiltshire by photographer Barbara Leatham

There's a road between my village and the next and there's a bend in the road that allows for a split second to give you the "perfect" scene. I haven't quite nailed it yet, but I'll head back this autumn to try again, I'm hoping for some strong winds to blow the leaves wild.

Imber, the ghost village, in WIltshire by photographer Barbara Leatham

Access to Imber village is restricted, but the church there is one of the few buildings that is standing, a testament to the life it used to have there before taken over by the MOD

Tizzles, Spikies, taken near West Down Camp in WIltshire by wedding photographer Barbara Leatham

For years I've called these plants "spikies" and I'd driven past them for a few weeks thinking I should stop one day and take some photos. So what made me finally stop? It was the image in the top right where there was a stunning green plant, a contrasting juxtaposed moment to the rest of the scene. The mist cleared but not before I'd got these images.

The locks on the Kennet and Avon canal in Devizes by Wiltshire wedding photographer Barbara Leatham

I posted one of these images (far right) on my Facebook page and the amount of people who knew it was the set of Locks on the Kennet and Avon canal in Devizes really surprised me. Obviously this is a renowned set to go through. 

Amazing wind gliders and parachutists at the White Horse in Westbury, Wiltshire by wedding photographer Barbara Leatham

Wiltshire is very well known for it's White Horses, and this one at Westbury had the added thrill of being a place where you can glide or paraglide. The unexpected arial feast of gliders meant that I was there for much longer than I'd planned. I plan to go back again in the autumn to see the scenery changing and I'm hoping for a sunset that will set the skies on fire.

The secret scenery of Tilshead, Wiltshire by Barbara Leatham Photography

Walking around TIlshead with another villager allowed me to see my home in a new light. And not just because it was a winter sky either! It can look full of life in one direction and then desolate in another. 

Frosty mornings by Wiltshire photographer Barbara Leatham


Stunning grounds of Stourhead by Wiltshire photographer Barbara Leatham

This is taken at Stourhead, a rather beautiful National Trust venue not far from where I live. I've been back so many times I can't count, but I love it,

Every season is an inspiration. Our family day out always turns into an image fest!

The truly beautiful grounds of Stourhead by Wiltshire photographer Barbara Leatham

Another beautiful National Trust venue is Lacock Abbey, the home of Fox Talbot, for many he's the father of photography.

The doors of Lacock in WIltshire by photographer Barbara Leatham


inside the church at Lacock in Wiltshire by wedding photographer Barbara Leatham

Many of you will know that other than the Autumn, my favourite time of the year is May when the bluebells are out in the West Woods. I've never found another place quite like it, with carpets of bluebells that leave you breathless. Wiltshire is a total box of delights.

The beautiful bluebell woods at West Woods in WIltshire, by wedding photographer Barbara Leatham


Avebury Stones, WIltshire, by Barbara Leatham Photography

Avebury Stones and surrounding area are just beautiful. Like something out of a Tolkien Book it's a place that leaves you full of wonder

Avebury Stones in Wiltshire by Wiltshire Wedding photographer, Barbara Leatham

I bet you didn't know you can see elephants or horses in the Stone..... or maybe it's just my imagination?

My favourite scene from Avebury, by Wiltshire based Wedding photographer, Barbara Leatham

This is me relaxing with some of my family at Wilton House, near Salisbury. It's so rare for me to hand over the camera to someone else, but these images are very precious to me. My sincere thanks to Siobhan Murphy (fellow photography artist) for taking this for me.

Taken by Siobhan Murphy Photography Artist at Wilton House near Salisbury, Wiltshire. A small part of my family. Based in WIltshire, Barbara Leatham Photography

And my thanks to you for letting me share my favourite (so far) places of Wiltshire. I know there's going to be more that I'll add as the years go by, it's been a wonderful start to our lives here, we are very lucky.

Dashing back for more at Stourhead in Wiltshire by photographer Barbara Leatham Now, you don't have to dash off! If you would like to see more of my landscapes from all over the UK you can check them out in my Fine Art Landscape Gallery, if you like details and close ups you see more of what inspires me in my FIne Art Everything Else


Thank you for looking through, I hope they have caught your imagination and inspired you a little, don't forget to leave a comment below and let me know.


P.S. If you would like to use any of the scene images they are available to licence or buy, please contact me for more information, of you can buy limited edition images from my Fine Art Gallerys - including the links above.


Another fabulous blog post Babs, really shows your versatility as a photographer and inspires others to 'open their eyes' to what is around them. Stunning work and a lovely insight into your 'back yard!'
These are stunning Barbara! You are such a talented photographer. They really inspired me to go out and take more photographs - and I'm not normally that much into landscape photography!
Craig Storton(non-registered)
These shots are great. I am so amazed at what we find on days out with the camera, it's just so inspiring I have no idea why Xbox was invented when there are so many beautiful things to see in nature. Breath taking shot for me is the is the Sunset shining up through the clouds....but I could enjoy all of them in a gallery. Brilliant Babs.
Beautiful images and wonderful to see that you can turn your talents to different types of photography :)
Alexandra Davies(non-registered)
Beautiful images, a real treat for the eyes. Superb! x
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