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Father's Day, parks, books shops, skimming, crosswords and more

May 24, 2013  •  2 Comments

Every Day Should Be A Father's Day


Having time together

It was way back at the start of the year that I knew I wanted to do a blog leading up to Father's Day. I had done a mini blog on the Boston Tea Party (based in Salisbury) and during the shoot there was this amazingly gorgeous snippet of a scene, with a dad, obviously working hard on his laptop, and his daughter, sat next to him, with what looked like a laptop but was in fact an iPad. Either way, it was seriously cute.


Boston Tea Party Salisbury, father and daughter having breakfast


After blogging the BTP I asked Dad, (Hugh), if he and his gorgeous little girl, Lara, would allow me to photograph them for a Fathers Day blog. So four months later, back in Salisbury, we met for a coffee and the start of our morning adventure together....


salisbury photography shoot for fathers day blog in The Cosy Club


Lara and her daddy manage to spend some mornings together before she goes to nursery, which is really special for the both of them. Having lived and worked in the big smoke, Salisbury was a good place for the family to settle down and I think the slower pace of life is something they have embraced rather well.
Lara has a big sister who is already at school, but these moments for Lara and her daddy are very precious, all too soon Lara will be heading to school herself and the time alone with daddy will be even rarer.

We met at The Cosy Club where I got the impression that Lara and her daddy come often; she knows her way about the place, especially where the games and toys are, and she's rather fond of her baby latte (warmed milk with chocolate powder on top served in a little expresso cup - yum yum!)


building blocks at the Cosy Club in Salisbury


It's a very chilled out start to the day, there's no rush and it's a nice feeling


Time for tea, Salisbury makes a great place to catch up, chat, brunch, lunch or just having a cup of tea


Lara wanted to make sure I'd had all my tea before we left to check out their regular haunts around Salisbury town.


All gone daddy, baby latte drained to the last, it


Look, it's all gone! Can we go to the park now please?


On our way to the Queen Elizabeth park in Salisbury


Lara takes her daddy to the bridge on the way to the park, she's really chatty and very confident, she loves these mornings when they can play on the swings.



Stopping quickly to see the swan from the bridge, it's a great excuse to have a cuddle.


heading to the park, daddy and his daughter playing chase

Playing chase and heading to the park, we got distracted when we found this yellow door...

fun by the yellow door, pulling faces and making daddy laugh


...a great place to check out different expressions. Far too cute.


sitting on a bench by the riverside in Salisbury, wiltshire


It was a good time to practice "People Watching, is it every too early to learn this social skill?? But soon it was time to finally reach the park.


At the park with daddy. The Queen Elizabeth park in Salisbury


Lara and her daddy had lots of fun, there's always so much to do in the park and they seem to try out everything. 


spinning on the round-a-bout

on the swings, push higher daddy

climbing the spiders web, daddy needs to help, it

kisses for daddy, lots of love x

With kisses for her daddy, Lara has had a great morning; but it makes you really hungry with all that running about, so we head to The Boston Tea Party for a little refreshment...


fun at the park, but it


Lara likes checking out the pictures in the paper with her daddy, she's at that wonderful age where she thinks she can read, so she makes up magic sounding words from the ones on the pages. It's enchanting and full of joyful innocence - it's wonderful being young and carefree, I think that being around young children is a great way to remember that life is full of happy little moments that can carry you through the day.


time for tea, and time for tickles

time to go to the book shop


After the snack break, we headed to the local book shop. A magical place that Lara takes her daddy to. Some days during the week they have story time and other events for young readers. Lara obviously loves it here. There's fish in a built in fish tank, and a box in the middle of the room with lots of activities, noisy and fun, it's a delight to watch the two of them together exploring.


a visit to the book store, checking out the fishes in Salisbury Waterstones shop

exploring the toys in the bookshop

The shoot ended here, but it wasn't the end to Lara's day with her daddy. They were heading for lunch before she was taken to nursery, but I had to leave. It was wonderful to see them together; but time can creep by so fast, and all too soon you look back and realise that these moments stopped but you're never quite sure when it happened.

At the end of this shoot I realised just how important it is to have time with your dad. Sadly for me, I know I can never have time with my dad again. I lost him almost three years ago.
I have so few photos with him, I found some of my brother and I when we were kids when we were going through his things; day when we had visited my grandparents and some odd days out, but there were so few.

Many would say that there are so few images in our pasts because photography wasn't so popular as it is now, and to some extent that is true, however, now we have the problem where there are more people taking photos, but often there is a parent who is not in the shots simply because they are the ones taking the photos.

This Father's Day (June 16th) make a special effort to have time with your dad. And remember to take some photos, you'll never get this time back once it's gone, thinking you'll do it tomorrow or another day, or another year, might mean that there will be a tomorrow when you can no longer have this time together.

When you are thinking about what to get your dad this Father's Day make it something you can't wrap up in paper and tape, make it something you can wrap up in happiness. A ton of memories, a sprinkle of laughter, a day of togetherness all wrapped up in love and joy x

I will be blogging some more shoots over this week, all fathers spending time with their kids. keep an eye out, there are some wonderful magical moments, and some tender memories relived from childhoods.


You can now read Father's Day blog two and three for more inspiration. If you love the images and you think you would love to have a magical time with your dad then why not book a shoot, you can find details on my shoots and prices on my Portrait Page


Happy Father's Day x




Catherine Connor(non-registered)
Love this post - make you acknowledge the importance of photography - beautiful pictures, lovely story Catherine
What wonderful memories they will have from this. How lovely x
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