Mothers Day in Wiltshire

March 12, 2014  •  6 Comments

Mothers Love on Mothers Day


Mothers day photo, Mothers day photo shoot by Wiltshire photographer Barbara Leatham Close up images of mum and daughter holding hands


Why is having photos with your children important - for them.

Since having my children I've come to understand the need to have photos taken with them every year. It's a great excuse to have fun, and give yourself time from the day to day grind of life. but mostly because I need to leave my children with memories, pictures of us together that they can cherish when (in a very long time yet I hope) there will be a time that I'm no longer here.

Mother's Day is a constant reminder that being a mum as well as a daughter, I need to remember to have pictures with my own mum too.

That is one of the reasons why Mothers Days shoots are so wonderful to be part of, the opportunity to create fabulous memories for another mother and daughter. I'm sure that many people will instantly think I'm talking about a mum with a young daughter, but this shoot was with two wonderful ladies, Liv (who is in her 20's) and her fantastic mum Jo (I'm too polite to share her age).


These are their images, and these are their words


Mothers Day styled shootLiv and Jo on their Mothers Day shoot sat on the veranda laughing copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham photography

Mother and daughter Mothers Day shootmental moments with Liv and Jo having fun on their shoot Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Memories, happiness and balletMum and daughter cherish memories of childhood happiness on their shoot Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

full of lovemum and daughter, jo and liv, sharing cuddles and laughter on the veranda Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Messing aboutMum and daughter messing about with the led heart Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

art portraitsmontage of art portraits from the Mothers Day shoot with Liv and Jo Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography



As you can tell from Barbara's lovely pictures, my mum, is a very elegant, classy lady. She is great fun and more of a friend to me than a mum. She treats me like a grown up, but makes allowances for my rather ditzy nature, which must leave her a bit exasperated with me at times. She is very encouraging and supportive as you would expect from a mum, but she really goes the extra mile to help me and nothing is too much trouble.

From my very earliest memories of her scrunching my hair up to put it in a bun for ballet and slipping me into my leotard to more recently helping me move myself to London at short notice to follow my career, I know I can always count on her for her. I probably don't tell her enough what she means to me and I know I am a very lucky lady to have such a beautiful mum.

Mum has always captured my sister and I growing over the years and there are photos of us at varying ages all around her house. However, there are very few of mum and I together as she is usually the one behind the camera. Being able to arrange this photo shoot was incredibly important to me as I knew it would be a Mother's Day present that mum will treasure forever. We had great fun reminiscing over events from the past and with Barbara's warm and friendly approach, we soon relaxed into having our photos taken. 
A big thank you to Babs for making my mum's Mother's Day such a special one!


Favourite pictureJo showing her favourite picture from when her daughter was little Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

favourite childhood pictureLiv sharing her favourite childhood picture Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Hugs are bestHanging out with mum is still cool, capturing the images forever is precious Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Ballet slippers and bunny earsMessing about the the ballet slippers, don't take life too seriously Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

rare quiet momentjust appreciating being together, quality time for mum and daughter Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Mothers Day, a perfect dayMemories all around, and still creating new ones Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Mothers PrideMothers pride and a daughters love, so perfect Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Say CheeseMessing about with the camera, taking over the shoot - so much fun Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Never too seriousso much fun with these two. funny faces, dancing the tango Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Skipping the light fantasticLiv and Jo dancing, laughing, having fun, enjoying the time and creating memories Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Eskimo kissesEskimo kisses and trying not to laugh, priceless Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography

Piggy-back funFabulous end to an amazing shoot. This Mothers Day will last forever Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography



I am a pretty modern mum and I have tried to give Liv the confidence to not be afraid to try anything once and to give life a go. My husband and I did our best to instil into both Liv and her sister, Clarice, an attitude that anything is possible in life and you just have to go out there and do your best to achieve it. This attitude has obviously resonated with Liv as two years ago she gave up work at MAC, to pursue a hair and make-up career in TV, Film or theatre.  She graduated from Delamar Academy, at Ealing Studio's,  and after networking like crazy she has her dream job working at the musical Wicked in London and is happily helping Elphaba every night to turn green.
Liv wasn't your typical teenager. We rarely had tantrums, she was a delight to be around and is a warm, funny and lovely caring person to be with. The photo of Liv giggling, captures her personality completely.  My gorgeous girl is following her dream and I couldn't be prouder of her.
With Liv now working full time in London, we wanted to take this opportunity to capture this stage of our lives together as she embarks on her new career in London's theatre land and her new life. A photo shoot was something we had wanted to do for some time as it gave us an opportunity to spend some quality time together, which was hugely important to us both at this time as our busy lives will somewhat get in the way of that for the foreseeable future.
We chose Barbara because Liv had worked with her on a number of weddings last year and loved her professionalism and relaxed approach and the beautiful pictures she produced. Her ideas for the prop's from Liv's youth were inspired I.e. the gorgeous pictures of her and her sister, Clarice, and they added a lovely backdrop to some of the photos Barbara took.
As we'd expected, we had a truly relaxed, fun and enjoyable morning in Wiltshire and Barbara made us want to express ourselves like the showgirls we are underneath. Barbara found us a perfect venue for the shoot and we found ourselves giggling and reminiscing all morning, which was just what we both wanted. It was a morning neither if us will forget and we have some wonderful photos and memories we can look back on in years to come with pride and much love. 

So much loveA beautiful day, with amazing people, creating stunning memories forever Copyright 2014 Barbara Leatham Photography


I've got an amazing Mothers Day offer from me to my clients until the end of March 2014 You can find the details here or you can check out my Portraits page for more information




These are beautiful Barbara, I especially love the first 'hand holding' photograph. There is so much love and meaning in all of them.
What a perfect story, really brings home the importance of photography. Time moves on so quickly but it's never too late to capture the ties that bind. What a lovely legacy to leave behind.
So so wonderful! Beautiful photographs and such a special time to treasure! x
What exceptionally beautiful images Barbara, you have captured the bond between Mothers and children with so much love and truth. I would love a session with my Mum who will be visiting us shortly. Will be in touch x
Oh Barbara, what a lovely post with such beautiful images. And what a glamorous mother and daughter, you've truly captured their very special relationship. I have to admit reading their words brought a tear to my eye. Makes me realise I take my lovely mum a bit too much for granted, thanks for sharing x
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