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"My Dad Means The World To Me...."


This is what young Callum said to me when I asked him about his dad, Peter. Not bad going from a 16 year old really; in fact I think that if any of my kids said that about me at that age I'd be a big pile of goo from my heart melting.

Callum and his dad have a fantastic relationship, built on love and friendship, they are pretty switched on to how each other are. Callum lives in the Isle of Wight, and dad Peter lives near Newbury, so every second weekend they get together and have some top quality time together. Callum has a little sister he dotes on and a step-mum that he obviously gets on well with. But the magic comes from seeing son and dad together.


The old mill in Salisbury, Callum and Peter skimming stones together



Thoughtful and in tune, these two are on par with each other. It's pretty cool to see them together.


Competitive skimming with Callum and Peter at The Old Mill in Salisbury


Funny old thing, it really doesn't take too much before someone tries their luck and acts truly kid-like. It's all taken in fun, but you get the feeling that someone will get their own back soon enough...


Banter and fun with father and son at The Old Mill Wiltshire


Leap frog, dad and son have fun and laughing together


When I asked the guys what kind of stuff they got up to when Callum was younger there was an interesting collection of memories, football, crosswords and Jaffa-cakes...




There's a certain kind of magic with these two.



And even they are serious for two minutes they are still tuned into each other, Callum is a chip of the old block!



We had a little break during the shoot, and got the crossword out, I'm still not sure how good the answers where, but I got the distinct impression that it was the time together that was important and not if the answers where right.





I said for both of them to write something in the spaces for the other one to read, Callum obvious had no patience



The Old Mill is a lovely place to go as a family, besides an excellent place to skim stones, there's lots of nooks and crannies which were brilliant photo opportunities.



Tickle time!



For those who have never been in front of my camera, I love to get you working a little, so in this instance I asked Callum and Peter to hide behind the post from each other and we proceeded to pull as many silly faces as we could. I only stopped taking photos because I couldn't stop laughing, we all walked away from this giggling. Lots of people passing by left with smiles too, it's pretty infectious once you start.



It's hard to decide who is more proud of who with these two, this was such an awesome shoot to be part of (thanks guys) and at a time when some teenagers are notorious for neither wanting to be in front of the camera, or with their family. But sometimes there are true diamonds who prove that it's not a golden rule.



Wonderful times, wonderful memories


Hanging out in Salisbury, father and son, Peter and Callum doing piggy-back races


Having fun in Salisbury, Wiltshire, here Peter and Callum doing piggy-back races, Callum showing off going hands free


This time Callum gives his dad a piggy-back, it


An amazing father and son team, Peter and his teenage son, Callum, fantastic father


So you must be wondering about the Jaffa-cakes... Nothing too complicated, just Callum's totally favourite food ever! And he's even been teaching his little sister to love them too.


Jaffa cakes, fathers day shoot with Callum and Peter in Salisbury, Wiltshire


When I posted the Calling Cast online looking for a father and daughter/and/or/son to allow me to photograph them for this blog I was overwhelmed by the response I got. 
What surprised me most was the fact that the men got in touch, and it struck me that whether you are the dad or the son, there are times in your life that are cherished and mean the world to you both.
It showed me that I had thought that all the girls would want photos with their daddies, how wrong was I?? It was really cool that the guys responded and I was thrilled with the shoots I've done for these blogs.

Of all the shoots I've done, this one really tugged at my heart strings.
I LOVED the fact that Peter had put himself and his son forward, but the bit that made me truly inspired was when he told me that Callum felt this was a "way cool idea" and he was so up for it. He not only thanked me of the day of the shoot, but more importantly he thanked his dad that they had this time together.

I am always thanking my lucky stars that I get to do the job I love most in the world. Sometimes it's about creating beautiful images, but mostly it's about giving people the opportunity and the time together that very often our busy lives don't always allow for.  When you think that many families have both parents working, the kids are at school and we are all running at a hundred miles an hour, getting family time becomes a precious commodity.

Fathers Day may be just the excuse you need to have some time together, remember that you don't get this time back, but you can pause for a day  and take some time out together and make some magical moments.

If you would love to book some quality time with your family, create some magical moments and have some cherished photos please check out my Portraits page or contact me here


If you have loved this blog and want to be inspired even more, you can check out the first in this series of Father's Day blogs - Part 1









This is a great blog post Babs. Their story is very powerful and emotional, you are so right that it tugs at the heart strings. The images are brilliant as always and really illustrate and reinforce the strength of their relationship.
Cool shoot Barbara x
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