Mothers are like Flowers Pt 2

March 09, 2013  •  3 Comments

As promised on my last blog, a step by step photo essay of a florist putting together a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

If you haven't read Pt 1 yet then remember to pop along and read it before you leave


The start of each day there is a collection of orders that need to be created ready for delivery or pick up. Customers have the choice of picking from a design book but there is also a bespoke service, where the ladies who work at Gullicks use their years of experience to create something personal and stunning.

Heather kindly showed me how she makes a hand tied bouquet, one that isn't standard in the design book, but one that is inspired for Mother's Day.

First, the decision of which flowers to use. Heather picks a select colour pallet of blues, purples and pinks, but she also uses an accent colour of white to keep the design looking dynamic.


It's easy to get excited already just by the flowers chosen, tulips, hyacinths; gorgeous deep pinks, purples and blues...


A quick snip of the scissors and she's got her ribbon ready for tying. Time to get things in place, preparation prevents mistakes and saves times.

It was the small attentions to detail and care that struck me quite strong. Heather 'wires' the more delicate flowers. A sign of quality from your florist, a sign that they care about how the flowers will last once they have been delivered.


The choice of green foliage was as important as the flowers themselves. A mixtures of complimentary hues and textures to work with the bouquet.

Heather starts to construct and build the bouquet. It's easy to see why this is called a Hand Tied Bouquet. Heather tells me that sometimes the bouquet can get so big you have to have help with someone else holding it while it's being made. As it is, this one is almost to Heather's maximum hold. (I'm rather glad it's not me doing this I've rather small hands, I think I'd be asking for help all the time!)

A little tweaking to make sure the flowers are in place and then it's time to tie off the stems and secure the design.

Next, preparing the wrapping...


...with a couple of staples to keep the fold sharp, it's nearly time to wrap the bouquet.


First, the stems are trimmed so that the bouquet can stand on it's own.


I've come to the conclusion that you need to be a contortionist to wrap a bouquet. Heather is fast and adept in her skills, she makes it look incredibly easy. Once the fancy wrapping is fixed, a clear wrapping is also fixed so that water can be added to the bouquet to ensure the flowers reach the recipient in perfect condition.


Heather's attention to detail means that even with the water the bouquet stands up on it's own.
The final bits of detailing are added. Some cerise ribbon tied to the bouquet; some "after care" instructions tied to the bag, and then the flowers are ready for delivery.


If you're received flowers on this Mother's Day you can rest assured that if they came from Gullicks Florist in Salisbury, they'll have been hand picked, designed, wrapped and tweaked to within and inch of it's life, and then delivered with much love. 

The ladies who work here tirelessly every day are proud of their work, and justifiably so. Having spent just two mornings with them it has bought it home to me that artists come in all shapes and sizes. Our mediums may be different but our passions aren't.

My sincere thanks to Anita and her wonderful ladies for allowing me a glimpse into their amazing world, and for letting me share with you all how talented they are,



You can visit Gullicks Florist in Salisbury Monday to Saturday. you can find more inspiration on their website

109 Fisherton Street

Telephone: 01722 336575

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 8.30 - 5pm
Saturday 8.30 - 4pm








Two wonderful posts, I love the insights into someone elses creative process. Beautifully photographed :)
Beautiful images. I love the colours!
Hayley Porter(non-registered)
What a fabulous post. I love seeing Heather in action it really shows all the hard work that goes in to their beautiful creations. Great images, beautifully put together. Clearly a lot of hard work and thought and gone in to this. Well done Barbara - amazing!
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