Mothers are like flowers... pt 1

March 08, 2013  •  8 Comments

This week I've been in Salisbury and spending time with the wonderful ladies who work at Gullicks Florist. This wonderful shop has been in Salisbury for over 100 years, with the current owner, Anita, having been there for the last 13 years.

Anita has an army of consummate florists working with her. Heather, Kieun, Vicky and Allison; each lady skilled and accredited in creating the most stunning of arrangements; and seriously fast too.
I think I would be still picking out the flowers when they would be adding the ribbons and finishing touches. It really is a pleasure to watch such accomplished artisans putting into practice their talents.

The first time you walk into the shop you are overwhelmed by the scent of the flowers as well as the stunning display of varieties that frame the walls of the shop.

It was just after 9.30 when I turned up on Tuesday and the shop had already been open for an hour. Scattered about the shop were the latest delivery of flowers. Leading up to Mother's Day means the deliveries are bigger than normal and it is a daily occurrence leading up to the weekend; it's an amazing atmosphere to be in. The five ladies, each moving about the space like a delicate dance of efficiency that comes from working together for a long time, each have an understanding of what needs to be done with the skills of experience that comes from people who love their work.


The flowers and foliage are taken out of their plastic packaging that they arrive in. They are trimmed, the excess leaves removed and then wrapped in brown paper before being put into buckets or tubs of water. Some of the flowers are put out the back in a chilled part of the building to keep the flowers in a mild hibernation until they are needed to create customers orders. Others are put out in the shop ready for sale immediately.
Each part of the delivery is checked and double checked against the delivery list. It is important to get the shop cleared so they can start creating the stunning bouquets and baskets that have been ordered by customers for that day's delivery.
They know that tomorrow will be bringing another deliver and so it will start all over again.


Just a few examples of the flowers delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday. Truly amazing colours. On their own they are stunning, when they are picked and presented in bouquets they are breathtaking. A testament to the knowledge of the ladies who work in this shop of magic. 


Along with the flowers, the ribbons, and the packaging that ties the finite details together. Often it's the choices of ribbon, the card or the trimming that can complete the order and make it look so personal. Whether instinctive or just experience, there's little wavering on the decisions made by these ladies. You know that when you order flowers from here it will have been picked, created and presented with love.


Gullicks Florist shop window has a stunning display for Mother's Day (as always) with a delectable selection of inspirational ideas. From Tea cups with Tea Roses, Boxes of scented delights, baskets of glorious flowers and much more; if you are short of ideas this is surely the place to come, Gullicks is a mere two minutes walk from the Salisbury Train station, pop in and say hello, you will be warmly welcomed. (Address at the bottom of this blog).


I'll be blogging a step by step bouquet created by Heather and destined for Mother's Day ready for Sunday. Come back and visit soon! Until then, get inspired with more ideas at Gullicks Florist website

You can now find the second part to this blog here

109 Fisherton Street

Telephone: 01722 336575

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 8.30 - 5pm
Saturday 8.30 - 4pm








beautiful images, a very topical story and what an inspiring business! Can't wait for the next installment to see how the product comes to life.
OMG I love the images and words. Really inspiring - I want to visit the shop, just a shame its soooo far away from me.
What a gorgeous shop. I could spend all day in flower shops like that.

Great images Babs

Beautiful flowers beautifully captured!
Alex Davies(non-registered)
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I love reading your stories and quotes along with your beautiful images Barbara :) x
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