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Murder, Margaret and Me, Salisbury PlayhouseMurder, Margaret and Me, Salisbury PlayhouseSalisbury Playhouse rehersal shoot for Murder, Margaret and Me. Images for Press, PR and social media use.

By Philip Meeks

Thursday 1 – Saturday 24 February

Agatha Christie turns sleuth to uncover a real-life mystery in this comedy thriller.

Agatha Christie and Margaret Rutherford, two of our greatest and most celebrated national treasures, should never have been friends. But they were. Their paths crossed when they found themselves at the heart of one of British cinema’s most successful franchises. However, the Miss Marple films almost didn’t get made.

Agatha didn’t want Margaret to bring her precious spinster to life and Margaret was mortified at the thought of upsetting her fans with something as sordid as murder. But this wasn’t her only reason for resisting the part. Margaret had a terrible secret. One that she’d lived with for a lifetime.

Murder, Margaret and Me is a story of friendship in the long-lost world of the silver screen. As Agatha and Margaret play tug of war with Marple, Agatha (being a woman who wasn’t without a secret or two herself) unearths the shocking truth buried in Margaret’s past.

Staring Kate Brown, Tina Gray and Sarah Parks
Director Damian Cruden; Designer Dawn Allsopp; Lighting Designer Richard G Jones; Sound Designer Yvonne Gilbert

Rehearsal image from Murder Margaret and Me


...when you are are asked by Salisbury Playhouse in Wiltshire to photograph the rehearsals of their latest show, Murder Margaret and Me? Well I simply couldn't. 

Besides having a genuine fascination for the way plays come together, getting to see behind the scenes of the Playhouse would have been reason enough, but to see something of the play that has characters close to my heart; there was just no way I couldn't do this job.

My first memories of watching an Agatha Christie film was ironically Murder at the Gallops, which stars Margaret Rutherford. I had no idea, until this play, that there was so much more to the relationship between the leading lady, Margaret, and the author, Agatha herself.

There's a certain kind of magic that I think we all feel when going to the theatre; watching something bought to life, with inflictions of the voice, a movement of the hand there, a turning of the eye to the audience.  Being with the actors and the director for less than an hour, capturing them go through their lines, working out where things work best, the engagement between themselves and the drawing in of the audience, I didn't want to leave. I was desperate to find out what happened in the story, so two tickets later, I was booked in for the opening night. 

Now, as all good Agatha fans know, it's not good to tell you how it all ends, best that you should go and see for yourself, but I can tell you it is a wonderful show, a really heart felt story and something I would go and see again.

All of three characters were bought to life by the actors. Kate Brown plays Agatha, and she brings to the performance the frustrations that the author must have felt when her Miss Marple was being bought to life on the silver screen. Tina Gray plays Miss Marple, who gives the audience more understanding of the things that are going through the minds of the other two characters. She links the scenes, adds narrative, and gives insights. 

I have to give special mention to Sarah Parks, who plays Margaret Rutherford. All of her mannerisms, her quirks, her voice, just mesmerising and a pleasure to watch. I think because there's very little footage of Agatha Christie so it's not easy for me to say if an actor has caught everything about them, and Miss Marple has been done by so many, she's hard to define, and I think we all have our favourites... But Margaret Rutherford is such a distinctive actor, her knowing looks, her slight tongue in cheek, her posture, Sarah nails it all!

You'll be pleased to know that the show is on until February 24th 2018, so there's still time to see it. Whether you are a fan of Agatha Christie, Margaret Rutherford, Miss Marple or just love a good mystery, this is for you.

In the mean time, please check out some of my images from the rehearsal I photographed. This is not the final production, so please don't think this is what you see if you go to the show. But rehearsals are magical in their own way, unpolished, evolving and special, and an honour to photograph. (and if you pick up a program at the show, you'll see some of my images in print - what a surprise and delight that was for me.








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The Power Of Photography The Power Of Photography, Walking With A Camera

Life can be very unpredictable when you are self-employed. One minute everything is ticking along at a manageable level and the next you are feeling completely overwhelmed as those jobs you quoted for several weeks ago all get back to you at the same time and all are suddenly very urgent. Add in all the usual "Mum Duties" and all of a sudden you find yourself wondering when you will find time to sleep and stress levels soar. For me there’s one activity that is guaranteed to completely take my mind away from the stresses of daily life and allow me to completely unwind and recharge my batteries.......

Wiltshire Photography Walks (1)Wiltshire Photography Walks (1)

And that activity, believe it or not, is photography!

Yes, even though photography is my business there’s nothing more relaxing and therapeutic than a walk with my camera, connecting with my surroundings and shooting purely for pleasure. I’ve lived in my little Wiltshire village for several years now but every single time I wander around it with my camera it’s like seeing it all through a fresh pair of eyes. Photography allows us all to reconnect with all those little details that we stop seeing in the hurry of everyday life. It gives us the opportunity to slow down and really see the beauty of our surroundings. Regardless of where we live there are endless photo opportunities and beauty all around once we learn to see to them.


Wiltshire Photography Walks (2)Wiltshire Photography Walks (2)

Photography gives me the excuse to go out for long walks, sometimes on my own and sometimes with friends with cameras. The combination of fresh air, creativity and exercise is meditative, calming, inspiring and thought provoking. Every time I return from a ramble with my camera I feel refreshed and revived and ready to take on the world!


Wiltshire Photography Walks (4)Wiltshire Photography Walks (4)

I know I’m not alone in my pursuit of a quiet mind through photography, increasingly more people are coming to recognise it as a therapeutic pastime and many people now engage with photography as part of a wider mindfulness practice. But I also realise that I’m in a minority when I say that I’m happy to wander off alone with my camera so in spring and summer I will be organising a series of photo walks for people of all ages and abilities. These walks will be an opportunity to walk, chat and shoot at a relaxed pace, they won’t be a training course but I will be on hand to offer tips and guidance. Best of all they will end with coffee and cake, or tea and scones, and a chance to compare photos and marvel over how we all see the same things so very differently.

Dates and details will be announced on my Facebook Page but if you would like to receive an email as well head to the Contact Page and send me a quick message.


Wiltshire Photography Walks (3)Wiltshire Photography Walks (3)

The photos accompanying this blog post were taken on my most recent walk around the village, after a few wet days we had a misty morning and I knew I needed to escape with my camera. The sun broke through the mist and the light was just beautiful.......


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Keeping Your Business Relevant Keeping Your Business Relevant - Advice From A Wiltshire Photographer

Wiltshire Commercial Photographer, Wiltshire Commercial PhotographerCommercial photography services in Wiltshire and surrounding areas. Business portraits, product photography, events. Website and Social media photography.

Who can believe that we are already more than halfway through January? After all it seems like only last week that we were in a panic over Christmas, have we forgotten anyone’s present, if we shop tomorrow would the sprouts still be fresh on Christmas day, if we leave it any longer will we still get that brand of mince pie we love? You know how it is, endless questions going through our minds as we analyse the smallest of details and then all of a sudden it’s mid-January and all forgotten.

Unfortunately we often treat our businesses in the same way as Christmas. As we prepare to launch a new business, a rebrand or a new product or service we plan and pay attention to every tiny detail making sure that nothing gets overlooked. But then time flies by faster than we realise and before we know it all that careful planning is long behind us and maybe things have evolved and changed within the business.

When did you last take the time to sit down and cast a really critical eye over the public persona of your business?

If you can’t remember now might be a good time to grab yourself a cup of tea and really analyse the outward appearance of your business. Over time our businesses evolve, product ranges change, our personal style develops or maybe we even set off in a different direction. Outside influences come into play too, styles change and something that was once unique and on trend might now be very commonplace and maybe even a little clichéd.

Try to view your business as a potential customer and evaluate every aspect. Is your tone of voice consistent throughout your website and social media? Is your logo still unique and relevant? Sometimes a style of logo can suddenly become really popular and you might find that your logo which was once eye catching no longer stands out.

Cast an extra critical eye over the images you are using, people often form a lasting first impression based on images alone and you don’t want that first impression to be the wrong one. If your business has evolved do your images still give the correct brand message? Are you using any images of discontinued product lines? If you are a creative business have your images kept up with changes in your style?

And finally, take a look around and see what styles of images other businesses are using, trends change and you don’t want to be left behind using photos that make your business look outdated. Business portraits are a perfect example, they no longer need to be a very formal headshot on a white background (unless of course that’s in keeping with your brand). They can be fun and quirky, relaxed and friendly or they could even be documentary in style. Customers increasingly want to feel like they know the person behind the brand so pay careful attention to this area of your photography.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Because just last week I realised that some of the images I was using in my portfolios were over three years old and weren’t a fair reflection of my business or my photographic style.

If you are confused about what style of business portraits are appropriate for your business this blog post may help. If you’d like to have a chat about your photography please head over to the Contact Page and get in touch.

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Signs of Spring New Beginnings


Spring 2018, snowdrops, flower art,Snowdrops, a sign of SpringSpring images taken in Hampshire on Sunday 14th January 2018 copyright Barbara Leatham Photography all rights reserved Snowdrops


Every year after Christmas I look for signs of Spring, the new shoots breaking through the frozen ground, the hopes that the season will bring with it a little more warmth. 

It's not that I'm fair weathered, I like to go out what ever the season, but Spring always makes me feel like the sluggishness of the winter will soon be over and the days will be getting longer. Ultimately that gives me more light for photography, a better reason to be out and about, when exercise doesn't feel like exercise, because it's combined with something I love doing.

I've realised that when I'm out with the camera, I'm walking, planking, squatting, lunging, using my inner core, and filling my lungs with fresh air.

At the weekend I walked about 6 and a half miles, I also took a whole bunch of photos, and I did it with my family, so all in all a great day, here are a few of the images I captured.



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Great Odds Production Inspiration at the Playhouse to take you into Christmas.



Great Odds by Ester McAuley, Salisbury PlayhouseSophie Coward, Hime Fish, Charlotte Arrowsmith staring in Great Odds at Salisbury Playhouse Summer 2017


In the summer I had the pleasure to watch a production by Esther McAuley called Great Odds at the Salisbury Playhouse in Wiltshire. It tells the story of what it means to follow a dream and if you don't fit in, what to do when the odds are against you.

I took my children with me, James age 11 and Robyn age 10. Many of the other children in the audience were younger, and it was interesting to see how my two interpreted the show, where and when they laughed and responded to the actors compared to the younger ones. A true sign that they are growing up and changing towards being teenagers. They question more than ever and don't take things at face value anymore. Part of me misses their innocence, where the other part of me knows and understands they are preparing for adulthood and all it's multifaceted aspects.

After the show I asked my children what they thought about the play.   James said "I like Marco, he was fun, especially when they picked the name I suggested to the character" He also said "I love that they used sign language so that everyone who was at the show could enjoy it". 
Initially he seemed to respond to the feel of the show, but after a time he said he, "liked how they were telling you not to give up, no matter what happens". So although there was a great deal of entertainment, the under pinning story line did sink in.

Robyn, being that little bit younger, said she liked everything (very diplomatic), and said, "it's good for all ages!" She noted that the parents seemed to be enjoying the show as much as the children, and it was quite heart warming that she was able to see more than just the show, that she took in the reaction of the people watching.

For me, I loved that everyone seemed to leave the show and many of them were humming lots of the tunes, it obviously made an impact to many people in lots of way, but most of all, we left feeling inspired.


I don't usually post a review like this on my website, but I wanted to say that having chased my dreams of being a photographer for many years, that there have been lots of highs and lows, that it is important not to give up. Surround yourself with people who inspire and support you and find a way to make it happen.

So this Christmas, when you are talking to family and friends, and they tell you they have some crazy idea of doing something, rather than pointing out the things that might go wrong, instead put your energy into looking at all the brilliant things that might happen when they succeed. 

And if you get the opportunity to see Great Odds, please go and watch it. Let it remind you that even though we are adults, we still have our dreams too and shouldn't let things get in the way of making them come true.

Great Odds by Esther McAuley at Salisbury Playhouse

Photos supplied by Salisbury Playhouse and MAC's Arcadian and Lighthouse


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Learning When To Say No Reflecting On 10 Years In Business - Advice For a New Business Owner

Ten years of trading is a major business milestone and it’s one I’m very proud to say that Barbara Leatham Photography achieved this year. Like every owner of a small business I’ve needed to adapt and evolve over time, I’d be the first to admit that I’ve made some mistakes along the way but I’ve also learned so much about being in business. I’m often asked what is the most important piece of advice I would give to a new business owner. I’m sure most people will give great advice on marketing, social media, branding etc., but I’d like to share a very different lesson that I wish I’d learned sooner.

The best piece of advice I can give to any creative business owner is that sometimes you need to turn away business. It’s not always easy to say no to a prospective client but it’s really important to work out when no is better for your business than yes. Remember it’s YOUR business and YOU can decide what sort of work you undertake, your business does not need to look the same as every other business in your sector. When you work with the right clients on the right sort of projects your creativity will be ignited, you will produce your best work and your business will flourish. If you don’t become confident in turning away the wrong sort of work you will soon feel creatively stifled and trapped.

Wiltshire Wedding PhotographerWiltshire Wedding Photographer

Set yourself some guidelines to help you feel comfortable saying no.

Let’s use my business as an example. I love to photograph families and I work outdoors to create images full of emotion and narrative. I don’t offer the carefully posed, high key, white background style of some high street studios. I’m able to shoot that way but it’s not to my personal taste so if a family come to me specifically wanting that style I’m happy to refer them elsewhere knowing that I won’t create my best work with them.

For commercial shoots I love to work with clients who have a strong sense of brand and are looking for images full of narrative. The sort of business I would say no to isn’t quite so clearly defined as it is with families but as an example I would decline a commission to shoot a brand new car in a showroom in the style often used in brochures. I would however be bursting with creative ideas if I was shooting a quirky camper van or a vintage car in a great venue with lots of fun styling.

Wedding photography is something I’ve thought long and hard about as part of my business. I eventually came to realise that the only way I could remain fresh and inspired with weddings was reverse the more typical photography business model and make weddings just a very small part of my business. By being very selective and only working alongside couples who I feel have shared values and a strong creative connection means that I am totally inspired by the very small number of weddings I cover. I get to work with couples who are madly in love and open to having a little fun with their wedding photos. Unfortunately it means that I turn away far more weddings than I accept but I’m always happy to recommend other talented and trusted photographers.

If you are a fellow creative business owner I hope my own guidelines will help you create your own boundaries to enable you to do your best work. If you are a prospective client and I recommend another photographer I hope you will understand I have both our best interests at heart!

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Autumn Family Photography, My Gift To You Autumn Lifestyle Family Photoshoots, A Gift to Celebrate the Season

Can you feel that hint of autumn in the morning air?

Here in Wiltshire it feels like the seasons are changing earlier than usual this year and although I’m a little sad to see the end of summer I must admit that autumn is my absolute favourite season.

Family lifestyle photography in SalisburyFamily Lifestyle Photography in WiltshireI took the kids to the woods to have fun with the leaves and find conkers. They came home with pockes stuffed full of them and had the best time

I love to see the leaves changing to their beautiful rich autumnal hues. I love that sunsets come earlier and are full of colour and I even get excited about the misty mornings. There’s nothing better than getting all wrapped up in snuggly jumpers, woolly scarves, gloves and wellies and heading off for an autumn adventure with the kids.

Family Lifestyle photography in SalisburyFamily Lifestyle photography in Salisbury

It’s also my favourite time of year for family lifestyle photoshoots, children can relax and let off steam and parents have great fun too. We can go hunting for mushrooms and picking blackberries, collecting conkers and fallen acorns and splashing in puddles. And all the time I’ll be capturing some beautiful, relaxed and natural portraits that will become treasured family keepsakes.

I’m celebrating my favourite season with a special gift for all families who book a lifestyle photoshoot during September or October. Every family having an outdoor autumn session will receive the gift of one of their images as a beautiful desk frame alongside their order.

Autumn Family Photography WiltshireAutumn Family Photography WiltshireI took the kids to the woods to have fun with the leaves and find conkers. They came home with pockes stuffed full of them and had the best time

Autumn is a busy time with lots of families booking photoshoots so they can use the images for Christmas gifts for grandparents and other family members. Don’t leave it too late to book your session!

Click here for more information about lifestyle family photography or head over to the Contact Page to get in touch and book your session.

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Christmas In July Seasonal Themed Commercial Photography - Why Planning Ahead is Essential

Commercial product photography Salisbury, WiltshireSeasonal themed commercial photoshoots in Wiltshire and surroundings


This year more than ever before I seem to keep stumbling across references to “Christmas In July”. It’s a phrase with different meanings and traditions in different countries but here in the UK it tends to be associated with the large retailers and brands presenting their Christmas offerings to the media.

As a parent it’s a phrase that triggers a moment of panic, after all I’m only just dealing with the summer holidays, surely I can’t be expected to be thinking about Christmas at the same time! But as a business owner it serves as a timely reminder about the importance of planning ahead to avoid adding unnecessary stress to an already busy season. Most of us start January by planning out the upcoming year, I’m now trying to use Christmas in July as a reminder to revisit my plans, make sure everything is on track and that nothing is likely to take me by surprise as the busy season approaches.

Thinking about Christmas in summertime is especially important for any business that needs to update their imagery to match the season and it's something that I always discuss with my regular clients. Love to B are makers of natural skincare products and we’ve recently completed their festive photoshoot. They now have a set of beautifully themed seasonal product images ready to share on their website and social media without any last minute panic.


Commercial photography, Christmas themed, Salisbury WiltshireSeasonal themed commercial photography, London and surroundings

Perhaps you are a designer or artisan with a seasonal product line or maybe you have a restaurant or hotel with festive events. Whatever your business, if you require seasonal images I would encourage you to be planning them now and booking your photographer as a matter of urgency. Leave it too late and you may find that your preferred photographer simply can’t squeeze your photoshoot into their diary.

If you’d like to ensure you are visually prepared for the festive season why not take advantage of my current Christmas In Summer offer. Book your seasonally themed commercial photoshoot during August and you will receive 50% extra images with your chosen package.

If you are concerned about how to make summer look like Christmas I’m always happy to offer suggestions and I often work alongside fabulous editorial stylists Tinker Jo who are capable of magically transforming any scene with their fantastic props and styling skills.

I only have a limited number of commercial photoshoots available on this offer so please call me on 07548 219047 or send a message via the Contact Page to request further details or reserve your slot.

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Butterfly Wishes and Julia's House When something talks straight to your heart


A different blog post from the usual but I really wanted to do everything I possibly can to help raise awareness of two fantastic organisations. Both are organisations that do wonderful work with families who have children with life shortening conditions.

The Butterfly Wishes Network.

Butterfly Wishes Network is a UK wide not-for-profit organisation which provides free professional photography for families with children with various life limiting or life shortening conditions. Butterfly Wishes was started by a group of photographers who met through social media, they wanted to use their skills to provide lasting memories for families who may not otherwise engage a professional photographer.

(Images courtesy of Butterfly Wishes Network)

(Images above courtesy of Butterfly Wishes Network)

Along with almost 400 other professional photographers I volunteer my services for this fantastic organisation. My services have rarely been called on and when they have it’s been for families outside of Wiltshire. Of course I’m happy to travel and I would love to say I haven’t been needed more locally because there aren’t any families that qualify for a shoot but I know that isn’t true.

Some families may be concerned that the experience may be awkward or difficult but all Butterfly Wishes photographers are professional photographers and fully insured and they approach a Butterfly session with the same professionalism that they approach all their shoots. At the same time they are sensitive to the fact that a family may have some additional needs. Many people ask if there is a "catch" and I can say, hand on heart, there is no catch. 

It's important for families to know that they only have to say and the Butterflies Network will not share the photos taken of their families on the Butterflies website. Of course it is always lovely when families kindly let us share on our website, but the most important thing, from the start to the end, is the family.


Juila’s House Childrens Hospices in Wiltshire and Dorset.

Many families just aren’t aware that Butterfly Wishes exists and this was the reason for my visit to Julia’s House children’s hospice in Devizes. Julia’s House is a truly inspiring space, they provide tailored care and support to children with serious medical conditions and their families. I visited to explain the service that is available from Butterfly Wishes and was given a tour of their amazing facilities by Ged Montgomery and Heather Philpotts 

I’m delighted to know that Julia’s House will be telling all their families about Butterfly Wishes, and they will even allow families under their care at home to come into the hospice for their photo shoot if they prefer!

You don't have to wait

The saddest reason that many families don’t receive the services of a Butterfly Wishes photographer is that it’s simply left too late. I can’t stress how important it is not to wait until a child is receiving end of life treatment before applying to Butterfly Wishes. The volunteer photographers will do everything possible to fit in a Butterfly Photo Shoot in a short time frame but unfortunately sometimes it just isn’t possible. The Julia’s House staff will be helping to raise awareness that a family can apply for a Butterfly photographer at any time after a diagnosis and that it’s not a service that is only available in end of life care.

I would love to ask for your help too.....

Wherever you are in the country, if you know a family with a child who has a life limiting condition or an organisation that supports these families, please tell them about Butterfly Wishes and pass on the details below.

And if you happen to be in Wiltshire or Dorset please make sure they are aware of the fantastic Julia’s House.

Butterfly Wishes Network - - email

Julia's House Hospice - - email via the Contact Page.

You can also share this blog on your social media platforms - The Butterfly Wishes, Julia's House and myself, thank you.


If you're a professional photographer and would like to gift your services as a Butterfly Wishes Network photographer then please check out the FAQ on the BWN website - the application form is on there too, and it's so easy to join. #payitforward



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Celebrating World Gin Day  

GIN! How Do You Drink Yours?


World Gin Day 2017 Tiger Gin inspired commercial imageCelebrating World Gin Day June 10th 2017 Barbara Leatham Photography created a set of commercial images inspired by Tiger Gin's unexpected gift of a miniature bottle Totally British - with Tiger Gin are!


What was this quiet Wiltshire photographer to do when a lovely company like Tiger Gin sent such an unexpected, but delightful gift?

Use it as a perfect excuse to test some new studio lights!


World Gin Day Tiger Gin inspired Commercial Image 2017Celebrating World Gin Day June 10th 2017 Barbara Leatham Photography created a set of commercial images inspired by Tiger Gin's unexpected gift of a miniature bottle Best Decisions are Crystal Clear, like Gin!

A diamond in the rough. Read the story behind Tiger Gin's "David and Goliath"


World Gin Day Tiger Gin inspired Commercial Image 2017Celebrating World Gin Day June 10th 2017 Barbara Leatham Photography created a set of commercial images inspired by Tiger Gin's unexpected gift of a miniature bottle Fire and Ice...? Just add Gin

Do you get this one?? A gentle play on words, but one of my favourites


World Gin day Tiger Gin Inspired Commercial Image 2017Celebrating World Gin Day June 10th 2017 Barbara Leatham Photography created a set of commercial images inspired by Tiger Gin's unexpected gift of a miniature bottle Focus on the good things = positive affirmations

Focus on the important things in life, and Gin


World Gin Day Tiger Gin Inspired Commercial Image 2017Celebrating World Gin Day June 10th 2017 Barbara Leatham Photography created a set of commercial images inspired by Tiger Gin's unexpected gift of a miniature bottle Keep Calm and Drink Gin

Being a big tea drinker, I had to do this one


World Gin Day Tiger Gin Inspired Commercial Image 2017Celebrating World Gin Day June 10th 2017 Barbara Leatham Photography created a set of commercial images inspired by Tiger Gin's unexpected gift of a miniature bottle Gin-gle All The Way

Possibly the hardest of the images, but so pretty, and now ready for the festive season


World Gin Day Tiger Gin Inspired Commercial Image 2017Celebrating World Gin Day June 10th 2017 Barbara Leatham Photography created a set of commercial images inspired by Tiger Gin's unexpected gift of a miniature bottle Have a Gin-tastic Christmas

In the world of commercial photography it's not unusual to shoot Christmas images in the middle of summer, like a Boy Scout, be prepared!


World Gin Day Tiger Gin Inspired Commercial Image 2017Celebrating World Gin Day June 10th 2017 Barbara Leatham Photography created a set of commercial images inspired by Tiger Gin's unexpected gift of a miniature bottle There's always time - for gin, for life

Make time for living life, spending it with family and friends and celebrating every moment


And then of course, drink it! Tiger Gin recommend orange as a mixer for their tipple, looking forward to trying it

From me here at Barbara Leatham Photography "Happy World Gin Day"



Are you a company with a product that requires images to show it off? Why not get in touch and see how I can help create some fun/inspiring/creative images for you

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Spring Floral Fine Art Photography The Power of Personal Projects

It’s very easy once you’ve established yourself as a professional photographer to find yourself only getting out the camera when you have a paying client. For the very small minority of photographers who only took up photography as a means to earn money it’s not a problem, but for the vast majority who first fell in love with photography as a hobby and means of creative expression personal work is essential.

When I’m not working for clients you can still find me with a camera of some sort in my hands. Some days that might only be my phone camera as I capture the beautiful Wiltshire countryside while I’m out and about. On other days you will find me with my “proper” camera on hand as I document my family’s daily life or create artistic images, often of flowers.

It may not initially seem that fine art flower photography has much in common with the work I carry out for my clients but I firmly believe that my personal photography makes me a much stronger commercial photographer.


fine art floral photography, bluebellsfine art floral photography, bluebells

When photographing these flowers from my garden I need to take time to study their shape, colour and texture. I need to decide which of the features are important and how I want to display these features in my photographs. I’ll need to think about lighting and how I can use the light to enhance the beauty of the flowers. The styling and layout needs to be considered, do I want to keep the images simple and powerful or do I want to add some styling and props and create an image with a lifestyle feel. For this particular set of images I don't want anything to distract from the beauty of the flowers so I've opted for a simple white background and a more graphic feel for the images.

fine art floral photographyfine art floral photography

Exactly the same thought process is involved when creating images for my commercial photography clients, the only difference is the choice of subject and how the subject is portrayed is entirely my own.

That freedom of choice allows me to exercise my creativity and explore different approaches and techniques, such as image stacking for the anemones above. Image stacking is a technique that involves combining a series of images in Photoshop to produce a final image with a maximum depth of field. It’s a technique that can be useful for photographing jewellery and other products with details that need to be clearly displayed.

If you are a photographer reading this I would strongly encourage you to pursue some form of personal photography project, choose something that interests or inspires you and explore all the different ways that you can photograph it. Use your personal work to try out different approaches, perhaps a different lens, a different lighting approach or a new editing technique. Taking time out to be creative will help you approach your client work with a new found enthusiasm.

If photography is a hobby and you are interested in exploring some new techniques but don't know where to start why not book a bespoke 1-2-1 training session? Click here for more information.

Looking for some floral art work for your home? Did you know I have an extensive catalogue of images for sale as prints? Click here to view!

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Business Portraits – Capturing the Personality of Your Business Relaxed and Natural Business Portrait Photography

As a commercial photographer I get to meet all sorts of interesting people and businesses right across Wiltshire, and often much further afield. In fact I meet so many that I couldn’t possibly share all of them on the blog but now and again there is one that really stands out and needs to be shared.

Business Branding Photography, SalisburyBusiness Branding Photography, SalisburyBusiness branding photography for websites and social media images.

This recent commercial photoshoot with violinist Lucy Pelger is one that I really wanted to share. It’s a perfect example of how avoiding the traditional corporate portrait style of photography and taking a more lifestyle approach can really allow the passion of the owner and personality of the business to shine through in the images. Of course there are some businesses that need more formal portraits and I’m more than happy to shoot these too but I do love the opportunity to really get to understand a business and get creative with their photography.

Business Headshot Photographer, WiltshireBusiness Headshot Photographer, WiltshireNatural and relaxed portraits for business owners in Wiltshire and surrounding areas

Business Portrait Photography, WitshireBusiness Portrait Photography, WitshireRelaxed and natural business portraits in Salisbury, Wiltshire and surrounding areas. Lucy contacted me when she was new to the area and needed some images for the business she was about to launch. I like to take the time to really understand my clients businesses and it soon became apparent that it was important to Lucy that her images not only showed her passion for music but were also more personal and showed her as the warm and friendly person she is. As well as a series of relaxed portraits with and without her violin we decided that to including Lucy’s daughter in the photoshoot would really add the personal feel that we decided was important.

NAtural Business portraits, Salisbury, WiltshireNAtural Business portraits, Salisbury, WiltshireCommercial photography for small business owners in Salisbury, Wiltshire and surrounding areas Commercial photography in Salisbury, Witshire.Commercial photography in Salisbury, Witshire.Commercial photography for business owners. Commercial photographer in Salisbury, Witshire.Commercial photographer in Salisbury, Witshire.Commercial photography services for business owners in the South West of England

As you have probably gathered from the images Lucy is a music teacher. She teaches people of all ages but is especially keen to encourage a love of music in younger people and it certainly looks like her daughter is following in her footsteps!

What story do your businesses images tell? If you'd like to refresh your online presence and inject some personality into your imagery why not get in touch, I'd love to have a chat about how I can help.

You can always see more portraits in my commercial gallery 

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Wiltshire Commercial Headshot Photography - Why Your Image Matters Getting Your Business In Front Of The Camera - And Why You Shouldn't Use A "Selfie".

For every business owner there comes a time when they need to put themselves in front of a camera. Whether it’s for the About Page on your website, your LinkedIn account or your Facebook and Twitter profiles, it’s impossible to avoid that need for an image.

But do you really need a professional photographer?

After all when you post a “selfie” on Facebook you get such a lot of likes, and so many people comment to say what a great photo it is. So why not just crop out your friends and family from the picture and use it for your business profile?

The harsh reality is that those people who say “great photo” aren’t really commenting on your camera skills, they are just pleased to see you having a great time. Those people who click like, at best they like that you look happy, in reality you probably just popped in their feed and they clicked that button and moved on to the next post hardly even noticing your picture.

So those likes and comments aren’t really an endorsement of your skills as a photographer and yet it saddens me to see so many business owners using exactly this sort of picture to represent their business. It saddens me not because I’m potentially missing out on business but because these business owners are not giving themselves the best chance of success.

If you happen to be in need of an accountant or solicitor who are you most likely trust, the one with a Linkedin profile picture from a night out with friends or the one with a well-lit headshot where they look professional and approachable? Most people will instinctively trust the one with the professional photo.

The same applies to any sort of business, whilst a corporate looking headshot may not be right for your business, a professional commercial or environmental portrait shows prospective customers that you take your business seriously. Not only does it build trust but it also helps you stand apart from all the other similar businesses that have settled for a quick phone snap.

So how do you know what sort of portrait will be suitable for your business?

Below there’s a quick guide and some examples to help you decide what is most appropriate to attract your ideal customers to your brand. Better still why not give me a call, I’d be happy to have a chat about your business and give you some guidance on portrait styles.

Business Headshots

These are usually just head and shoulders but the same style also works for a three-quarter body shot. They will generally use a plain background, often white, and some form of photographic lighting. These are well suited to professional businesses and businesses that require a number of staff to be photographed in a consistent style. They are great for corporate brochures and “meet the team” boards often found in reception areas.

Business Headshot photographer in Salisbury, WiltshireBusiness Headshot photographer in Salisbury, WiltshireProfessional business headshots, Wiltshire, Hampshire, London and surroundings

Commercial Portraits

Although these can also be head and shoulder shots they often include more of the body, they could be a three-quarter shot or maybe someone sitting at a desk or in a chair. Generally a photographic background won’t be used but a location will be chosen where the background isn’t a distraction, these portraits may use photographic lighting or natural light. These are a less formal than a headshot but can still portray a professional image, they are often used on an About Page of a website to give a friendly and approachable feel to a business.

Commercial portrait photography WiltshireCommercial portrait photography WiltshireProfessional business portrait photography in Wiltshire, Hampshire and London Wiltshire commercial portrait photographyWiltshire commercial portrait photography Business Portrait Photography in WiltshireBusiness Portrait Photography in WiltshireProfessional business portrait photography in Salisbury and surrounding areas

Environmental Portraits

These are the least formal portrait type but are every bit as worthwhile as the others. These portraits will include more of the surroundings, they are often unposed and can be documentary in style. They may well use available light although sometimes additional light will be needed. They are often taken in the working environment and are used to tell the story of a business. Environmental portraits are particularly suited to creative businesses but work equally well for any business that wants to tell an added story with their portraits.

Environmental business portrait photography SalisburyEnvironmental business portrait photography SalisburyBusiness branding photography, Wilstshire and surrounding areas Environmental portraits Salisbury, WiltshireEnvironmental portraits Salisbury, WiltshireEnvironmental portrait photographer based in Wiltshire Environmental portrait photography for Wiltshire business ownersEnvironmental portrait photography for Wiltshire business owners

If you feel your business photos aren't creating the best impression please get in touch via the Contact Page, I'd love to about creating images that will really help your business stand out.

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Commercial Photography - Is It Time To Make Your Business Eye Catching? Will 2017 Be The Year You Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd?

PR and Fashion PhotographyPR and Fashion PhotographyCommercial photography services, PR Photography, Headshots, Business Portraits, Product Photography. Salisbury, Wiltshire. London. Hampshire & Berkshire.


Although we are only in December like lots of business owners my thoughts have already turned to the New Year. I’m always excited by the start of a New Year, it’s a great time to really look at the business and give it a good “spring clean” ready for the year ahead.

Commercial Shoot Pinewood Lodge, Poole, DorsetCommercial Shoot Pinewood Lodge, Poole, DorsetCommercial photography services, PR Photography, Headshots, Business Portraits, Product Photography. Salisbury, Wiltshire. London. Hampshire & Berkshire.

I look at every area of my business with a critical eye, my branding, my website, my business cards etc. and I decide which areas are ready to be refreshed and updated. Next I ask myself whether I have the skillset to do that update myself and whether it’s a good way to use my time. If I find myself saying no to either of these questions it’s time to outsource that work to an expert and spend my time in a way that has more benefit to the business. I would highly recommended that every business has a spring clean, it really helps you start off the year feeling like you are heading in the right direction. Even if you aren’t able spring clean everything you’d like to you can get a plan in place for the rest of year!

It’s really exciting time to be a business owner, as the internet and social media help to create more and more opportunities we really are in an age where anyone can start and run a business of their own. And every year more people decide that having their own business is a path they want to pursue.

business portrait photographerbusiness portrait photographerCommercial photography services, PR Photography, Headshots, Business Portraits, Product Photography. Salisbury, Wiltshire. London. Hampshire & Berkshire.

But with that wonderful world of possibility comes a downside. If anyone can start a business, and so many people are doing, how on earth can you stand out from the crowd?

The answer is simple. By using quality images that showcase your business, match your brand and tell your story.

Attention spans are dwindling, we make almost instant decisions whether we find online content appealing enough to carry on reading or whether to move straight onto the next thing that is clamouring for our attention. Whether we are aware of it or not out attention is drawn to pictures ahead of text. If the picture grabs a reader’s attention they are more likely to carry on and read the rest of the post, click on the link or visit other pages on a website. If the picture is a poor quality uninspiring snap it’s highly likely that you will lose the reader within the first 2 or 3 seconds.

Alongside the shortening of attention spans we’ve had an explosion in mobile technology that has put a great camera in everyone’s pocket. And there’s a great temptation to use it, to take a quick selfie to use on your about page, to snap your latest product for your online shop. After all that’s what everyone else seems to be doing these days, isn’t it? Yes it is, it’s exactly what everyone else is doing. And that makes it really easy to stand out by choosing to use high quality, bespoke imagery.

business headshot portraits salisbury and wiltshirebusiness headshot portraits salisbury and wiltshireProfessional commercial portrait photography to reflect the branding of the business. Commercial photography services, PR Photography, Headshots, Business Portraits, Product Photography. Salisbury, Wiltshire. London. Hampshire & Berkshire.

This is where I come in, I can help you with your own business spring cleaning. By taking time to get to know you and understand your business I can create a portfolio of high quality, bespoke images that reflect your brand values and your business personality. Whether you need business portraits, product images, storytelling images or a combination of all these I can work with you to ensure that your images make you stand out from the crowd on your website and social media.

Lifestyle product photographyBranding & storytelling photography for websites and social mediaCommercial photography services, PR Photography, Headshots, Business Portraits, Product Photography. Salisbury, Wiltshire. London. Hampshire & Berkshire. Lifestyle product photographyBranding & storytelling photography for websites and social mediaCommercial photography services, PR Photography, Headshots, Business Portraits, Product Photography. Salisbury, Wiltshire. London. Hampshire & Berkshire.

Because I’m so passionate about the idea of business spring cleaning and because I’d love to help you make your business stand out I’m offering 50% extra images with any of my commercial photography packages booked during January or February.

If you are ready to make your business stand out in 2017 please call me  on 07548 219047 or send a message via the Contact Page. I only have a limited number of commercial photoshoots available on this offer so please reserve yours as soon as possible.



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Because We Are Here, Remembering the Somme in Salisbury #wearehere

In Salisbury on July 1st 2016 the Somme was remembered 

How would you feel if you were asked to photograph an event that was going to make the whole of the country stop and think, stop and remember?

Well I was asked, and it was an honour and a privilege to be a very small part of an incredible "living memorial" 

Below tells you more about the whole project, those involved and the story behind the concept, please take the time to read.

In the mean time, please enjoy some of the images that I captured during the day, I've picked just a few, so if you'd like to see more you can see the full collection on my website, please use the password wearehere 

You can download a low res image for free, or if you'd like to purchase a full res image (£3 each) £1 from very file ordered will be donated to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and £1 will be donated to The British Legion - being ex RAF, both charities mean a lot to me, they continue to help forces families all over the UK.

Please note that if you are viewing this on a mobile device, the slide show might not work automatically and you'll have to scroll through the images.


Thousands of volunteers take part in UK-wide work by Jeremy Deller to commemorate the centenary of the Somme

Thousands of volunteers took part in a UK-wide event today, 1 July 2016, as a modern memorial to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.  Commissioned by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary, the work was conceived and created by Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller in collaboration with Rufus Norris, Director of the National Theatre.


‘we’re here because we’re here saw some 1400 voluntary participants dressed in First World War uniform appear unexpectedly in locations across the UK. 27 organisations collaborated on the event, which was produced by Birmingham Repertory Theatre and the National Theatre, working in close collaboration with partners including: Lyric Theatre Belfast, Manchester Royal Exchange, National Theatre of Scotland, National Theatre Wales, Northern Stage, Playhouse Derry-Londonderry, Salisbury Playhouse, Sheffield Theatres and Theatre Royal Plymouth.


The project breaks new ground in terms of its scale, breadth, reach and the number of partners and participants involved. This is the first time the three national theatres have worked together on a joint project, and the first time so many theatres have worked together on a UK-wide participation project.


The participants who walked the streets today were a reminder of the 19,240 men who were killed on 1 July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme.  Each participant represented an individual soldier who was killed on that day. The work is partly inspired by tales of sightings during and after the First World War by people who believed they had seen a dead loved one.


The participants wore historically accurate uniforms, representing 15 of the regiments that suffered losses in the first day of the Battle. The soldiers did not speak, but at points throughout the day would sing the song ‘we’re here because we’re here’ to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, which was sung in the trenches during the First World War. They handed out cards to members of the public with the name and regiment of the soldier they represented, and, where known, the age of the soldier when he died on 1 July 1916.


The daylong work ran from 7am to 7pm and covered the width and breadth of the UK, from Shetland to Plymouth. Sites they visited included shopping centres, train stations, beaches, car parks and high streets – taking the memorial to contemporary Britain and bringing an intervention into people’s daily lives where it was least expected.

The volunteers were men aged between 16-52, reflecting the men who would have fought in the Somme. They were not trained actors but come from a range of professions, including a sheep farmer, flight attendant, doctor, lawyer, social worker, shop assistant, portrait artist and GCSE student. They came together to rehearse in theatres across the UK over a month-long period in the run-up to the performance.  ‘we’re here because we’re here’ is one of the largest arts participation projects ever staged in the UK, with hundreds of additional volunteers working behind the scenes.


Jeremy Deller said:

"I wanted to make a contemporary memorial to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, one that moved around the UK with an unpredictability in which the participants took the work directly to the public.”

Rufus Norris, Director of the National Theatre, said:

“This work by Jeremy Deller is a truly national piece of theatre and is a powerful way to remember the men who went off to fight 100 years ago. I also hope it will serve as a catalyst to strengthen ties with theatres and communities across the UK.”

Jenny Waldman, Director of 14-18 NOW, said:

"1 July 1916 saw 57,470 casualties on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, of whom nearly 20,000 died: it was the bloodiest day in British military history. Taking part in 'we're here because we're here' has given hundreds of young people across the UK the chance to find out more about the Somme, and in some cases discover the stories of family members who fought in the war. Working alongside brilliant artists, directors and theatres on this astonishing project will be an experience they will never forget."

Stuart Rogers, Executive Director at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, said:

“It has been a huge privilege and joy for The REP to work with the National Theatre to deliver Jeremy Deller's extraordinary vision for this event. It has had a dramatic impact both on the hundreds of participants and on the millions of people it has reached, reminding us all in a very powerful and unique way of the tragedy of the Battle of the Somme and conflict in general.”

The project was supported by: Aberystwyth Arts Centre, The Belgrade Theatre, Bolton Octagon, Bristol Old Vic, Storyhouse, Left Coast, Leicester Curve, Nuffield Theatre, Oldham Coliseum, Pontio, Shetland Arts, Sutton Coldfield College BMet, The Artrix Bromsgrove, The Garrick Lichfield and Volcano.

Media partner: BBC

we’re here because we’re here’ was made possible by an Ambition for Excellence Award from Arts Council England and by the Heritage Lottery Fund, with additional support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Creative Scotland and Art Fund. 14-18 NOW is principally funded by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England, and by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.


Jeremy Deller and Rufus Norris will discuss ‘we’re here because we’re here’ at the Dorfman Theatre, National Theatre on Monday 11 July at 6pm. 

Tickets on sale via the NT Box Office (020) 7452 3000 and online at


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Wiltshire Silk Painting Artist Wiltshire Silk Painting Artist


Commercial photo shoot of Wiltshire based Diana Kisirauskiene Silks by DianaDiana Kisirauskiene Silks by DianaProcess photography of how Diana designs and creates a silk design. Based in Swindon, Diana works on her own to create bespoke hand made silk painted scarlves and cushion covers


One of the most exciting things about being a commercial photographer is Wiltshire is the amazing hidden talents you come across when you least expect it...

Let me introduce you to Diana, a wonderfully talented artist based in Swindon, Wiltshire.


Designer Silks by DianaCommercial photo shoot of Wiltshire based Diana Kisirauskiene Silks by Diana


Diana is originally from Lithuania. But came to the UK in 2011.

She was inspired by the oriental silk painters. Her teacher Ele Tamasauskiene. Fuelled her passion for this medium and loaned her a beautiful book that to this day still inspires her art and paintings.


Commercial photo shoot of Wiltshire based Diana Kisirauskiene Silks by DianaDiana's source of inspiration for her designsDiana finds inspiration for her designs from books, calendars, paintings, oriental and the internet, Pinterest


Diana turned her passion into a beautiful business creating bespoke, hand painted silk scarves. She has since gone on to create bolero style wraps and tunics, tops, pictures, hanging wall scrolls, ties, curtains.

I visited Diana where she works and photographed her as she showed me what inspired her, how she is influenced by nature and how she turned this into pieces of art that can be worn.

There is a whole set of skills and techniques to preparing the silk ready to be painted. Stretching the material in frames that hold it rigid, this is accomplished with special pin grips called Frames pins or with delicate hooks that hold it in place but does no damage to the final piece.


Commercial photo shoot of Wiltshire based Diana Kisirauskiene Silks by DianaPreparing the silk for paintingDiana uses frames to stretch out the silk ready for painting, then draws on her tempted design


The design for the piece is added as a delicate outline in pencil. Sometimes a piece is so detailed, or it is going on a big piece of silk, it needs to be drawn on to a paper template that she then traces over; other times she draws freehand. Her pencil marks are confident and sure, showing her innate skill for art; it's a pleasure to watch.

There are many styles to use with silk painting. Defining an edge for a design Diana uses water based gutta. Which when dried creates a barrier to stop the inks from bleeding into areas that she needs to be different.



Other ways for adding definition includes a clear barrier that once completes allows the original colour of the silk to come through, not unlike water colour painters using masking fluid.



One of the beautiful things to know about Diana is that she, like a traditional artist, mixes her own colours from raw minerals. They come in powered form and are mixed with hot water. The intensity of the colour can be intensified or diluted with the amount of water used.



The time I spent with Diana today makes me feel like we only scratched the surface of the possibilities her skills. 

Each scarf takes on average 30 hours to make, some of the more detailed/larger pieces can take closer to 60 hours - it is a true labour of love and you know that she puts her heart and soul into her work. 

I'm very excited to be photographing Diana and she shows me the different levels of her work, from the very basic, to the intermediate, to the fully detailed and intricate work that can go into one of her most requested designs. I look forward to sharing this journey with you throughout the year.


Diana Kisirauskiene Silks by DianaDiana Kisirauskiene Silks by DianaProcess photography of how Diana designs and creates a silk design. Based in Swindon, Diana works on her own to create bespoke hand made silk painted scarlves and cushion covers


Price is obviously dependant on design, with each scarf being hand crafted it comes down to the design as well as the amount of detail and therefore time it takes to create. If you wish to find out more, including costs, please contact Diana directly through her website Designer Silks By Diana

Please be inspired by this photo story, and check out her website to see more of her designs and commissions. 

You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you want to see what inspires her then follow her on Pinterest.


​If you know any Wiltshire based artisans who are keeping old skills alive please let me have their details. I want to tell more stories like Diana's and she with you the hidden treasures in Wiltshire


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Are We Losing Our Memories What are we risking?


get it framed !It's important to get pictures off the computer and into print


I wanted to share with you a wonderful piece my husbands aunt sent to me this week and it really resonated. 

It's a piece from The Times newspaper that talks about the fact we live in a world where we can potential lose our memories. It resonated because as a photographer I am constantly asked if I'll sell the digital files to my clients, and although I now do this, in my heart I wish they would purchase a physical photograph, something framed that they can hang on their walls and revisit the memory of every time they see it. Or a memory album that tells a bigger picture of a special time that they cherish. 

I hope this inspires you to print your photos, stop leaving them on discs that can corrupt, and computers than might break, or USB's that can get lost. 

Thanks to the digital age we’re all losing our memory

THE Russian Federal Guard Service, the body given the task of protecting the country’s top officials, recently invested in 20 old-fashioned portable typewriters. These were to be used to ensure that documents of a particularly sensitive nature would not be written electronically and stored digitally, but typed out by hand and then filed away. 

The message was clear and as old as writing itself: if you want to preserve something, write it on paper and then put it somewhere safe.
The digital age was supposed to render obsolete the traditional ways of preserving the past. Everything written, recorded, filmed or photographed could now be safeguarded for ever at the push of a button. No more filing, storage or dusty archives: the present would be captured and the past curated by the machines themselves. Increased computer power and ever-expanding digital storage would ensure infinite memory-retention, an end to forgetting.
The reality has proved very different. Digital memory has proven fragile, evanescent and only too easy to lose. Technology has moved on so fast that the tools used to access stored material have become obsolete: CD-roms degrade, tapes crumble, hard disks fall apart; the laser disk and the floppy disk have gone, soon to be followed, no doubt, by the USB and memory card. I have half a novel, written 20 years ago on what was then a cutting edge Amstrad and “saved” on a 3.5in disk. I will never know how unreadable it really is, because I now have no way to read it.
As the internet pioneer Vint Cerf warned recently, the disappearance of hardware needed to read old media means we are “nonchalantly throwing all of our data into what could become a digital black hole”. In 1986, the BBC Domesday project set out to record the economic, social and cultural state of Britain on 12in videodiscs. Today, those disks cannot be read, unlike the Domesday Book itself, written a thousand years earlier.
The internet will carry more data this year than was created in the entire 20th century — some 330 petabytes, or enough capacity to transfer every character of every book ever published 20 times over — but our descendants may be unable to read it.
Quite apart from the technical inaccessibility of the past, the assumption of digital permanence has eroded the habit of archival hoarding. Earlier generations wrote letters, diaries, postcards and notes, on paper, stored them, and forgot them. Who archives their emails, let alone texts, tweets, or posts?
We blithely assume that these are being preserved somewhere, when most are simply evaporating into the ether. The old-fashioned photo album has given way to the digital photo-file — as prone to sudden wipe-out and technical obsolescence as every other “saved” electronic artefact. The images of your grandparents may be better preserved than those of your grandchildren.
What looks like never-ending growth on the internet is really a form of endless decay. The average lifespan of a web page is 44 days. Pages are constantly being updated, overwritten, shifted or left to expire in the process known as “reference rot”. We may lecture our children that anything posted on the net will be there for ever, but in fact it’s true of very little on this strange, unstable, ephemeral medium.
A web page link that leads only to a “page not found” message encapsulates the transitory nature of digital data: solid information that has shifted into nothingness, with no clue to where it has gone.
Historians looking back on our time will face a mighty challenge, with a patchy digital record and a culture lulled into believing that the past is being preserved every time the save button is pressed.
Bizarrely, despite the vastly larger flood of daily information, we may end up knowing more about the beginning of the 20th century than we will know about the start of the 21st.
The world is waking up to the danger of collective memory loss. Cerf has called for the creation of “digital vellum”, technology that can take a digital snapshot, at the time of storage, of all the processes needed to read it at later date. The British Library now routinely gathers information from millions of public websites as well as tweets and Facebook entries, to create a constant, rolling record of the digital present. The American Library of Congress is archiving the whole of Twitter.
Immediately after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France set out to gather the rolling digital story and the web response — media reportage, public reaction, blogs, Twitter, online commentary — to create a genuine digital archive of the moment.
A similar shift in attitude towards digital preservation is needed in the wider culture. Psychological studies show that people who gather evidence of their own lives are happier and more self-confident.
Just as our grandparents hoarded the physical evidence of their worlds, so we should print out the photographs, preserve the emails, write, cut, paste, and print the stories, memories and relics of our own lives and times, and put them all in the attic.
Thankfully, as the Russians know, a machine has already been invented that can solve the problem of digital impermanence: the typewriter.
The Times



Barbara Leatham Photography is based in the small village of Tilshead in the middle of the Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire. Specialising in lifestyle family photography, excellent commercial photography for small to medium businesses and beautiful weddings in and around Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London and the rest of the UK. Barbara also teaches photography and runs some workshops for beginners, enthusiasts and amateur photographers

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Spring cleaning your business Spring Cleaning Your Business


Spring time in WiltshireSigns of Spring time in the village of Tilshead in Salisbury, Wiltshire

Time to dust off the old to make way for the new

I'm lucky to live in the beautiful county of Wiltshire, in the heart of the Salisbury Plains, but even for me the winter months can be a drag. All business owners will usually have been marketing and working hard in the lead up to Christmas and then it's like one big sigh when it's all over. Sometimes getting back into work mode in the New Year can seem like a real trudge. 

I'm sure that with the shorter days and the lack of warm sunshine we are more inclined to want to curl up with a good book and some hot chocolate, and then hibernate until the Spring.

Well Spring seems to be truly showing it's beautiful face, finally. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are warming bit by bit, and the flowers are sharing their beauty with us and reminding us that there is new life on the way.

Without fail, waking up on a glorious sun filled Spring day I get the urge to blitz the house. Freshen everything up, embracing the energy that seems to come from the day. A house that's been sitting idle and cosy for the Winter months always needs a quick spritz to bring it back to life...

... and your business is no different.


So, how do you Spring Clean your business?

In my case it's a time to trawl through the office and clear out anything that hasn't moved for six months, if it's been sat still for that long I can't really need it. I also go through and clear up the folders on my computer, the longest and most boring job ever, BUT.... when I go back to my computer and it's all organised and looking tidy I feel ready to take on new challenges, it's one of life's little victories that makes me feel good inside even though no one else knows it's happened.

I also go through the images on my website. You'll be amazed how the year(s) can pass and people never think to do this. I know for certain that the business I was running this time last year will have evolved and moved forward, so it stands to reason that my website, my electronic shop-window to the world, needs to reflect where I am and what I am doing now.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you reviewed your website? Does it do the job you want it to? Does it address the needs of your customers and does it represent the service or products you provide? Knowing how important good images are to any business, what are your images saying about yours? Does your business portrait look like you? Are you using out of date images or ones where the styling looks dated because the fashions have changed and although you've addresses it in the work place your online presence has taken a back seat...?

How important is it to look as individual as your business is?

I think it's very important. Brand awareness and how you present your business is one of the things that distinguishes us from everyone else. Having the right wording and the right images that are presented in the right way all help towards engaging with our clients.


Tea roses in tea cups at Gullicks FloristWindow display for Mothers Day this Spring at Gullicks Florists in Salisbury, Wiltshire


So a few things to do while you're motivated to do your Business Spring Clean.

  • Ask others to help you. One or two trusted people who know your business well, get them to go through your website and find fault. If they can find it so can your customers. Make sure you fix any faults, don't leave them thinking it's not making a difference, it will if you ignore them.
  • Invest in professional images that are personal to your branding. Stock images are great, but others can buy them too. They can date quickly, or look too generic - especially if you are a new business that is evolving and finding your feet quickly. It's easy to do a website that will "do for now so I've got a presence online" but as your business grows you need to review your online world and make sure it's in sync with everything else.
    Working with a professional photographer that understands your business and can reflect it in top quality imagery will make a big difference.
  • Make sure that your commercial portrait is true to you. Using a holiday snap or one that "will do for now" is never good business sense. Ask yourself how you respond to someones image, we are all guilty of judging quickly when we see a photo of someone, good or bad it stays with us even before we have spoken to them.
    Your image should reflect your personality as well as the position you hold in your business, and it should showcase your business too. It's not just about having a head shot; commercial portraits can be environmentally based, it's not all about being "suited and booted".
  • Get inspired! See what is trending in the fashion industry (Pantone always release the colours for the seasons that are coming and they are trend setters for anything related to fashion). Find ways to make this work for your business. Whether it's styling of your products, or the styling of you. Be on trend somewhere so that people can see that you are aware of the world around you and not stuck in a rut.
  • Check out the films that are coming in the year, they are also trend setters, but usually hit the high street the following year (think of The Great Gatsby and how that has influenced trends).
  • Set some goals for the year. Imagine that you had to write a review on December 31st of this year, what would it say about everything you have achieved? These become your goals, all you need to do then is set some time frames and make it happen.
  • If you're feeling flat after the festivities of the season, then it's a great time to get out and about networking and meeting new people. Getting your mojo back is all part of it.

My final thoughts...

It's really hard if you are running a business on your own, I know because I've been doing it for years now. Keeping motivated when things are quiet as well as exploring new ways to reinvent the wheel takes a lot of mojo energy. It's important to book time in the diary to reflect and review. Just imagine that the Spring Clean of your business is an extended version of this. Don't feel guilty about taking the time you need, it will pay dividends in the end.


Commercial PortraitsEnvironmental and commercial professional portraits


If you are feeling inspired and think that new imagery for your business is something you want to talk more about then please get in touch. I have some great packages that are concise and cost effective. I offer options for new businesses as well as existing ones, you can find more details on my commercial pages.
And if you are looking to update your Commercial Portrait then please get in touch. I'd be delighted to help you create some unique, bespoke and beautiful images that capture you and your work.


Barbara Leatham Photography is based in the small village of Tilshead in the middle of the Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire. Specialising in lifestyle family photography, excellent commercial photography for small to medium businesses and beautiful weddings in and around Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London and the rest of the UK. Barbara also teaches photography and runs some workshops for beginners, enthusiasts and amateur photographers


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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer How Do You Choose Your Wedding Photographer?


New Jersey weddingMy first international wedding in New Jersey, America, USA by Wiltshire wedding photographer Barbara Leatham


What have I learned over the years?

I've learned that on this one special day of your life, your photographs are going to be one of the few things what will still be around long after the confetti has been swept up, the cake has been eaten and the flowers have faded. You really want to make sure that your photographer is going to capture your day in a way that resonates with you.

So how do you choose the best photographer for your day?

Well it's not easy, for many there's a budget involved; no doubt there will have been much researching online, deciding on what can be afforded as well as what is included in the price; but there's much more to finding your ideal photographer than this. For example, do you like their style? Do you like them?

The last question may possibly be one of the most important. Like any relationship that brings people together, be it business or personal, the magic happens when you all get on together.

As a photographer, asking your bride and groom to trust you comes from empathy and understanding them and they you. You are being invited to be part of their day - and not just any day - it's the day they are sharing with family and friends; and although you are there to deliver a service, you also find that you often become a friend to them, supporting them in the lead up to their big day as well as on the day, and often afterwards.

We are often privy to the most intense moments so trust is very important.

Here are some other things that I think couples should think about when choosing their photographer

  • Most professional photographers offer or include an "engagement shoot" also known as a "pre wedding shoot" which is an ideal time to get used to being in front of your photographers camera.
  • They usually always have a gallery of pictures on their website, but often these can be the "very best" or even images taken during photography training days and may not give you a true idea of a full day of images.
    I always offer to give the password to recent weddings I have done so that a couple can get a good idea of the coverage I give. Make sure you ask your photographer about this.
  • Talking to previous couples. I always ask my bride and grooms if they are happy for me to pass on their contact details to future couples.
    Testimonials are wonderful for a photographer to have, but there's nothing quite like talking to someone who has been in front of your preferred photographers camera on their big day to give you a good indication of what it might be like for you.
  • Make sure you meet face to face. I love to meet with my couples, whenever possible, over a coffee/tea so we can have a good chat.
    Getting to talk to your photographer, especially if you are booking with a studio that has many photographers is essential. You need to know who you will be trusting with your special day. This is the time when you'll start to get a feel about how well you'll gel on your day.
  • If in doubt, meet with them again before you book them. But likewise, if you know instantly that they aren't the photographer for you then tell them. There are only so many days in the year and while a photographer is holding a day for you they may loose another enquiry. Of course we are always disappointed when a couple choose someone else, but it's harder when we don't hear back at all.
  • Make sure they are insured. Seriously important that they are covered.
  • Do they have a network of reliable professional photographers? Should the worse ever happen and they can't cover your day can they make sure that you are not without a photographer?
  • Do they have back up equipment? A simple question, but if you are trusting your day to someone with just one camera and one card then you are taking a big risk should something fail to work on the day. Unlike a portrait shoot where a booking can be rescheduled your wedding day is a once in a life time event.
  • How booked up are they, are they shooting back to back weddings? Can they give you the time and energy they need to on your day to deliver the best images they can for you?

Choosing the wrong photographer can cost a lot, and I'm not talking about the financial aspect, although this is important


Do you get what you pay for??

Often the answer is yes. You have to remember that the actual cost of getting married is quite inexpensive. Going to a registry office or even a church, without the luxury of a dress, the suit(s), the reception, flowers, favours and yes, even the photography, you can get married to the person of your dreams for a really good price. But I think that we all want to share our day and then we want it to look beautiful when we do, and finally we want someone to record it for prosperity. All of these cost and you have to decide where you invest your hard earned money.

I always tell a couple to invest in three things

  • Your wedding rings. You wear these for the rest of your life, make them something you truly love and cherish
  • The bridal underwear. Invest in something beautiful that makes your feel like a queen every time you wear it, even if it's just under your comfy joggers.
  • Your photography. Remember that a good professional photographer can make your wedding look amazing no matter where else you try to keep the costs down.


Be realistic about your budget, on average the cost of a UK wedding is now £20,000. The average professional wedding photographer charges £2,000 upwards. But they will have invested in good quality equipment, professional photography training, business insurance and will have vast experience with difficult situations that they can master.

I hope that this has been useful to you. With over 20 years of experience I've heard so many heart breaking stories of couples who have been let down because they choose someone without researching. But with a few choice questions, like those I've suggested here, in your pocket you should find it less likely to happen to you.


If you are getting married in the future and would like to talk to me about your special day then please get in touch, there's always time for a chat, so please include your phone number and a good time to call you. You can always find more details about the services I offer on my Wedding Page



Barbara Leatham Photography is based in the small village of Tilshead in the middle of the Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire. Specialising in lifestyle family photography, beautiful weddings and excellent commercial photography for small to medium businesses in Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London and the rest of the UK. Barbara also teaches photography and runs some workshops for beginners, enthusiasts and amateur photographers

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Photographing Children Hints and Tips Salisbury Lifestyle Photographer Barbara Leatham Taking Better Photos of Your Children

taking better photos of childrenMy top tips for taking better photos of your own children

Do you ever get frustrated and want to take better photos of your children?

Isn’t it funny that many people automatically think that I must have amazing photos of my children all the time, and sometimes, when the kids are in the right frame of mind, occasionally I can get great shots, other times they treat it like the plague and I've more chance of photographing the lesser-known spotted pink monkey. 

If you're the kind of parent I am, you see your children doing stuff all the time that you think would make such a great picture, but when you take a "snap" and look at the image are you disappointed with what you see? You won't believe it but I have days like that too - seriously. After all, my kids seem to have radar for when I've got my camera in my hand. Then it's a 50/50 chance whether they let me get my shot.

Over the years I've learned a few "tactical" skills on how to capture my own children so I thought I'd put together my top tips for you in the hopes that you can get better pictures too.

1. Don't make it obvious

So you see your kids doing something and you quickly grab your camera....

.....don't call them to look over to catch their attention instead let them carry on what they are doing get your first shot, then assuming they still aren't noticing, get in closer and take more. There's a chance now that they might have seen you, that's when you can get them to "look this way".
Sometimes the detail photos are as important, so don't feel that you have to get the big picture when the little pictures can all add up to tell a bigger story.

2. Actually create your own shoot.

Get the kids to make a den in the garden, or go for an adventure in the woods, stage a reason to take some photos. Kids aren't good at standing and posing, they are much better if you give them something to do, the chances are they will want to show off a little, but if they are engaged in something they will mind the camera less.

3. Watch for the light

Most of the time images can look bad because we aren't looking where the light is coming from. Our eyes read a scene refocusing and reading the light a gazillion times a second; our brains can compute that information rapidly, cameras just don't work that way. Without going into the science, they don't have the range to get details we see with our own eyes. If you are at home, or in a building you need to give yourself the best possible chance so put yourself between the light and what you are photographing so the light is on the subject.  It is important to note that you should never ask people to look into the sun or a bright light source.

4. Be prepared

For anything - and I'm not just talking about having your camera ready just in case a photo opportunity comes along, I'm assuming you'd do that anyway. Sometimes to get the images I want I have to hand my camera over to my kids so they can take a photo of me, fair is fair after all. Sometimes I have to be prepared to act the fool, or to lie on the floor to get a better angle, or to get a little dirty. Mostly I just get philosophical, clothes can go in the wash and I can get a bath, but if I'm prepared to do something then the chances are they'll be prepared to do something in return.

5. Have fun

The most important thing of all, have fun. It's easy to get frustrated with our children when they don't do what you want them to, and something as simple as them looking and getting them to engage with the camera can lead to even the most qualified of photographers getting stressed and irritated. Remember that kids have a short attention span, if all you are doing is telling them to "look this way" or "smile" then they will likely get bored very quickly and not want to "play that game" for very long. So, my best advice is to have fun, engage and don't worry if you don't get the photo, it's more important to have fun, create a memory and be in the moment with them.


6. Hand over the camera to someone else.

If you are the one who always takes the photos then the chances are you are never in them. So you look back over the photos in years to come and someone says, "where were you...?" 
Most of us hide behind the camera to avoid being in the front of it, but you have to remember that part of taking these photos isn't just for us to remember, it's for our children to remember too. As much as I don't truly enjoy being in front of the camera I think my children would be more shattered should there be a day when I'm no longer here that they don't have images of us together to remember. Getting in front of the camera educates the next generation how important it is for the future.

I was once asked how important it is to have photos taken and I said off handily "oh well it's not like it's life and death" I was quite young then and I hadn't lost someone who was important to me. When I did I made sure I had every photograph I could find of them, the sad thing is that the ones of me and them together are few and far between and I can never change that now, but I can change it for my children.

So from one parent to another, even though you may not love the camera, remember that you love your children and they love you x


the importance of photosremember to be in the photos too, one day someone won't be there


Taking photos of your children is natural, whether it's on a camera or your mobile phone. If you do nothing else today, upload your images to an online photo shop and get them printed out. We live in a digital world, but having physical images that you can look through is a wonderful thing to share.


If you want to get better at taking photos, if you want to learn how to use your camera with more confidence please get in touch. I offer 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 training as well as some workshops for parents to help them set their camera up so they can focus on getting better images of their children


Barbara Leatham Photography is based in the small village of Tilshead in the middle of the Salisbury Plains in Wiltshire. Specialising in lifestyle family photography and excellent commercial photography for small to medium businesses in Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London and the rest of the UK. Barbara also teaches photography and runs some workshops for beginners, enthusiasts and amateur photographers

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